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The HKC App: Simple Alarm Management

11 April 2021

The HKC app for its intruder alarm system is simple to use, as well as making your life easier, as you can set and unset your alarm on your smart phone when it is convenient for you.

This function is one of the key benefits of the intruder alarm app which is available to install from the Apple’s Store, Google play or the Window Phone Store.

If you have just come back from a shopping trip you can unset your alarm before you enter your house so when you come in with your bags of food you don’t have to put them down in a hurry to unset the alarm.

Or if you leave the house and realise you have not yet set the alarm you can do so without re-entering the house or if you have already left the property it saves you the anxiety of the alarm of not being set. You can also separate your property into zones and part-set your alarm for that area if you need to.

To set the alarm within the app press full or part set then put in your regular user code that you normally tap into your intruder alarm control panel. At this point the app will connect, which will take a few seconds and then the system will arm. To unset all you need to do is press unset and it will do this in seconds.

The app also has a log record which will display the last 100 alarm activations and actions of setting and unsetting the alarm. The alarm activations are show in red within the log and the log events can be shared with others via email or SMS by selecting the share log option.

The app has a further range of functions that will prove useful including:

  • receiving notifications of when alarms are activated
  • receiving a photo with this if the alarm is attached to a camera, which can be shared with others
  • receiving notifications of changes to the alarm settings
  • receiving notifications if there is a technical fault with the alarm system

On the outputs screen of the app you are able to turn on and off heating, lighting, a garage door or an electric gate if these have been integrated with your alarm system. You can also set timings for lights etc. to be turned on a predetermined amount of time. 

To ensure that all the alarm settings and additional settings operate properly in the app you will need the help of a professional installer, like Security Group. We have taken the time to test the alarm equipment and the app and will be able to advise you on the best solution for you. 

To find out more about all our intruder alarm systems, and how they can be integrated with a range of security solutions contact our sales consultant Jon Scarbro Scarbro on 07725 545057 and he will be pleased to discuss your needs.

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