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How Security Group can help with protecting your home

08 December 2020

If you are concerned about keeping your home secure there are a number of steps you can take to add more protection. Deterring burglars, and not enticing them in, and making your home as secure as possible to stop a break-in is essential. However, finally making sure you get alerted or get evidence if a burglary does occur is important.

There are simple actions you can take to improve your home that will deter burglars. These include installing deadbolts on windows and outdoor security lighting as well as erecting secure gates. Ensuring that during these winter months when it gets dark early you close curtains and blinds will also keep valuable items out of sight. If you are going to be away for several hours when it gets dark using a light timer will also help.

Security Group can advise on the extra steps you can take to keep your home secure. These are principally, installing an intruder alarm system and, if you believe it is necessary, installing a CCTV system. Remember that taking steps to make your home secure can also help to lower your insurance premiums.

Alarm systems and CCTV systems can both act as deterrents to burglars as the bell boxes and cameras are visible to them and it is necessary to provide signage to indicate that recording is taking place if you have CCTV.

The sound of the alarm, should a break-in still be attempted, also means that burglars may think twice about continuing or may mean they do not stay for as long because you can be notified that an alarm has been triggered with a mobile app or neighbours are likely to be alerted to an incident taking place.

If you decide it is necessary to install CCTV, for instance if your home is in a remote location or despite other measures a burglary has taken place then we are also able to advise you on the best system and where to fit your cameras to maximise security but also so you meet your data protection obligations.

Security Group’s Jon Scarbro is able to work with our existing customers and others who may want to improve and update their security systems as well as people who are looking at the options for the first time. Jon is able to ensure that homes are fully secure and compliant with insurance requirements as well as making people aware of the latest technology that makes these systems simpler than ever to use.

During the audit Jon will conduct a full house survey and if you already have an intruder alarm check it is in proper working order as well as inspecting your CCTV system if you have one. He will then be able to recommend solutions and specific products that could bring improvements. Jon will send you his findings on a downloadable report.

With the Christmas break approaching, Security Group is keen that existing customers, as well as others in Bristol and across south-west England, are 100% secure in their homes.

You can contact us via our website and if you want to you can have a chat with Jon online via Microsoft Teams before he visits you or just give him a call on 07725 545057 to book an appointment for an audit or to find out more.

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