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CCTV: An invaluable tool to mitigate health and safety risks

03 November 2020

CCTV can be an invaluable tool to mitigate your company’s health and safety risks and to ensure you are complying with health and safety standards.

Has one of your employees had an accident at work and you need to know exactly what happened? Are they preparing to make a claim against the company? These types of incident can be a serious commercial risk to your company if they are not properly handled.

Modern CCTV systems allow around-the-clock remote monitoring via mobile networks, which can be very useful in order to prevent intrusion and damages.  With the help of analytics you can also monitor abnormalities or potential hazards in certain zones and by using monitoring equipment you can ensure that costly accidents do not happen in and around your premises.

In addition, CCTV can reduce the risks that threaten goods as they pass through the supply chain. These could be threats during transportation or in warehouses, from criminal activity or changing environments damaging delicate and perishable goods.  With remote monitoring in place the whole supply chain can benefit from optimised security, ensuring goods arrive when they are supposed to and without damage – minimising disruption to business.

As a result, security systems such as CCTV become instrumental in stopping incidents before they happen, opposed to footage only being used for evidential purposes – once the damage has been done. CCTV also allows vehicle movements to be tracked. This could be at gates, barriers, fork lift operating areas and loading and unloading zones. With strategically- placed cameras you can monitor if your workforce are using all best practices in these areas.

The self-learning analytics mean you can easily tell the difference between people and vehicles; thus providing you the ability to monitor sensitive areas automatically, you can be alerted if anyone enters a vehicle only area and vice versa.

CCTV allows for monitoring of employees and also contractors working on your sites. By using CCTV you can monitor the working practices of contractors and in some cases prevent any accidents before they happen.

When incidents and accidents do occur the video footage provides evidence that can help improve the working practices of employees and contractors as well as making sure you have the facts. You can find images quickly that will show whether that person really did hurt themselves in the way they are claiming or that an accident really did happen in the way people are reporting.

This is particularly important if someone decides to make a claim against a company and increasingly loss prevention departments are using video footage to settle disputes.

If you believe CCTV could help your business improve its health and safety standards please contact us.

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