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Intruder Alarms: Effectively protecting your business

13 October 2020

If you are a small business owner whether in retail, or operating from a unit at a business park or industrial estate protecting your property and your company’s assets is essential. Intruder alarm systems can be the first line of defence when you are deterring burglars from your commercial property.

For businesses burglary is a threat because the value of stock and equipment found in the average workplace makes them a particular target for thieves. Alarms, just like CCTV, can simply be a deterrent because by its presence it shows potential burglars that the building is protected.

If a break-in does occur motion sensors will detect intruders and an alarm will sound giving a warning to people in other businesses nearby. If you have a monitored system you can send a message to a nominated person or have a police response reducing the time that the burglar can act.

An intruder alarm can also act as a deterrent for people who may not be purposefully out to commit theft but maybe be prepared to trespass onto your site and cause damage to your property through vandalism.

Your business is most at risk at night and most small businesses are unlikely to be able to afford a physical security presence so intruder alarms can provide protection. As a business owner you can have additional peace of mind by using a modern smart alarm system with the ability to connect it to an app so that you can operate the system from a mobile device when you have an internet connection.

Having an app means you can have alerts going to your mobile device at any time of day if the alarm is triggered. Additionally, the alarm system can be set and unset remotely if required, giving you additional flexibility when managing the system.

Security Group can also install a system which incorporates smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors providing additional protection in the event of an accident when you are off-site. If you want even more security for your business premises, we can also offer advanced CCTV systems.

So, if you want advice on protecting your business premises more effectively Security Group can help so please contact us.

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