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Security Group can offer a range of access control solutions to suit you

23 October 2020

As a business expands across a commercial site, or to multiple sites, keeping track of staff and visitors can become increasingly difficult. Making sure you keep your offices secure, but you continue to allow efficient access to those working in the building, is made easier with electronic Access Control systems.

These access control systems are able to have additional features such as time zone capabilities so people can have access to spaces within specific hours, the ability to restrict permissions to enter certain areas to particular people as well as integrated intruder alarms and CCTV all providing extra security features.

The aim is to provide easy access to your offices and other premises for staff, external contractors and other visitors without compromising on the security of your sites. Staff are able to access doors via cards, fobs or keypads while visitors can be allowed access remotely, via video systems if required.

Security Group partners with leading access control manufacturers to be able to provide companies with access control solutions that offer advanced but easy to use software. Paxton produces the Net2 system providing control from your desk or even mobile devices. Net2 software offers centralised administration and control of sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users.

For smaller firms that are looking for a more cost-effective solution, or if there are doors that may be awkward to hardwire, Paxton has also produced the Paxlock Pro that is a networked access control system in a wireless door handle that communicates with a server PC via the Net2Air Bridge.

Avigilon, which is also our leading CCTV partner, has developed the ACM Embedded Controller for small businesses which uses an 100% browser-based software application so no server is required. You can also configure doors, inputs, and outputs automatically after each interface panel is created within the software. Access is available on any browser-enabled device, such as a tablet or PC from any location via the internet.

For larger companies Avigilon has produced its Access Control Manager (ACM) which allows for integrations with other manufacturers’ hardware and software to produce an effective scalable solution. Our other access control partner is Videx which allows us to provide a range of bespoke access control solutions.

If you require a cutting-edge access control system as your business expands Security Group can carry out an assessment and install the right solution for you. We will also work with you to provide as solution that will suit your changing needs over time. If you would like us to visit you contact us.

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