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Why you should avoid cheap CCTV for your business

25 September 2020

Are you a small business owner suffering from the effects of crime – either from theft, burglary or vandalism? You may already have an alarm system but want more protection.

A low-cost camera maybe a deterrent, but a good quality, correctly installed system will always be more effective in capturing footage that can be used for identification or prosecution. A good quality CCTV system will also give you greater peace of mind that any activity near your business premises is being recorded around the clock and the cameras are weather and tamper resistant.

If you need CCTV footage to be used as evidence in court, you need it to be fit for purpose with the picture quality and detail that is sufficient to enable the identity of an individual beyond reasonable doubt.

The Information Commissioner (ICO), which enforces data protection law, states that organisations should select a system which produces high quality, clear images which law enforcement bodies, usually the police, can use to investigate crime. Additionally, the cameras should be located so you can provide the clearest images.

For the CCTV system to work effectively it is important that you can use it easily so if theft or vandalism has occurred you can retrieve the video footage easily and that the recorded footage that you share is good quality. The video management system is therefore as important as the cameras themselves. If you want information on issues that you need to consider as a CCTV buyer then take a look at the buyer’s toolkit produced for the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

Our preferred camera partner is Avigilon which has easy to use video management software, Avigilon Control Center, and a range of high-quality cameras suitable for different conditions. If budget is an issue then take a look at their H5 SL range. Additionally, if you have an analogue system and can not yet afford to upgrade all the cameras then we can provide Avigilon encoders that enable you to have the benefits of the software without the expense of changing the cameras.

Professional advice and installation are recommended so you can get the most out of your CCTV system. Security Group has experience of designing CCTV systems and the engineers are fully trained and experienced in installing cameras in a range of premises. For expert advice for the right CCTV solution for you contact us.

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