Latest News and Case Studies

Integrating your security systems increases efficiency

Unplanned or gradual changes in your security systems, that may mean your company is not keeping up with the latest technology, can result in you working a lot less efficiently than you need to be.

CCTV upgrade needed? We can audit your site

Are you concerned that your CCTV system is not fulfilling your needs? Security Group can carry out a CCTV audit to assess what you have and suggest improvements.

Avigilon: Big advances in video analytics

If you are looking for a way to properly monitor your site for health and safety or surveillance purposes and want to reduce the need for extra staff then advanced CCTV with in-built analytics can help.

Security Group: Protection against power outages

As a business owner or a business manager in a company or school you probably realise that all your IT equipment needs protecting against power surges and power cuts. Downtime caused by power outages is more than just a frustrating inconvenience it can cause real financial damage to your organisation.