Ava Bullet: CCTV camera with a range of uses

We’re excited to be able to offer organisations in south-west England and south Wales, Ava Security’s advanced cloud-based CCTV cameras, including the Ava Bullet. These cameras have an innovative sliding body design that eliminates the need for back boxes and enables simpler cable management.

The AI-powered Bullet cameras seize critical details from any outdoor or indoor location. With two powerful wide and tele lenses, a 4K image sensor, IR illumination, and optical zoom, it helps you capture clear and sharp images even in challenging light conditions.

The Ava Bullet cameras are also adjustable at installation to provide the best field of view for each location. For audio detections, these cameras feature a four-way microphone array to provide feedback on the location of the source of the audio.

Different features mean the Bullet Cameras have a range of uses

The Ava Bullet cameras are available with two lens options:

  • Wide angle with a focal length of between 4.3 — 10.8 mm, giving up to a 100° field of view
  • Tele with a focal length of between 11 — 28 mm, giving up to a 39° field of view

For both lens options, you can rotate the lens in the housing to give either a 16:9 landscape view, or a 9:16 corridor view.

Bullet cameras are used where you need to monitor large areas. This could be a wide area such as a car park, where the Ava Bullet Wide is useful. The Ava Bullet Tele camera, meanwhile, is ideal for monitoring long distances, for example, along a perimeter fence, or to monitor a Solar Power installation.

The Bullet cameras have the added advantage that like all Ava cloud-based cameras you no longer need centralised storage or analytics servers, which need to be separately purchased, configured, and maintained. The cameras are designed and developed in Norway and the UK and manufactured in Taiwan. Find out more in this video.

Smart surveillance with Ava Aware

With Ava cameras the powerful video and audio analytics enable you to be proactive and detect threats before they turn into incidents.

The Ava Aware video management software analyses all the video feeds from your Ava cameras all the time and in real-time. It identifies objects and events, sending instant alarms based on rules and unusual activity detection. With Aware, you can also quickly search by event, object, and similarity to find a specific person, vehicle, or event of interest through countless hours of video within seconds or minutes.

Additionally, you can rely on the software because it has been built on a hardened Linux platform so that cyber security is designed into the product from the start, not added as an afterthought.

How Security Group can help you

As an SSAIB-certified installer we believe in delivering superior customer service and it means that we comply with industry specific standards and are subject to independent regular audit by the NSI to monitor our continuing compliance. We also take cyber security seriously and to demonstrate this we are IASME Governance Standard and Cyber Essentials Certified.

Our experienced team are skilled in designing and installing bespoke CCTV systems and ensuring we place the right cameras in the right positions. Additionally, we are specialists in advanced video management software and will ensure you are confident in using Ava Aware once your cameras are installed.

To find out more about the Ava Bullet and how these cameras, or other Ava Security solutions, can be integrated into your existing CCTV system or for advice if you are installing CCTV for the first time please get in touch.