Avigilon H6 Mini Dome : A small indoor CCTV solution

If you are looking for a CCTV camera that will fit discreetly into your indoor space then we can provide the Avigilon H6 Mini Dome to organisations in Bristol, Bath, across south-west England and south Wales. We will spend time assessing your CCTV needs to ensure that the range of features offered by the Avigilon H6 Mini Dome will meet your needs.

The camera features include:

  • Choice of resolution: Available as a 2MP, 3MP or 5MP camera
  • Two fixed lens options: 2.9mm or 2.4mm
  • A modular design so it can snap into surface, in-ceiling or pendant adapters
  • Optional IR illumination so you can make sure areas with low levels are still covered

Two advanced analytics features developed by Avigilon: unusual activity detection and classified object motion detection are built into the camera.

Unusual Activity Detection: the cameras can analyse the scene it is capturing and detect when objects (people or vehicles) are moving at an unusual speed or are present in an unusual location in the scene. The camera can then send a notification of an event to the Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC7) video management software for presentation to an operator in its Focus of Attention interface, or for review on the recorded timeline.

Classified Object Motion Detection combines two analytics features: classified object detection and unusual motion detection, which adapts to the camera’s field of view and flags unusual motion, which can be reviewed in recorded video. This allows for CCTV operators to specify people and particular vehicles with cameras able to distinguish between cars, bicycles, motorcycles and buses which will then trigger notifications or events within the ACC7 system. With the H6 Mini Dome, for example, you can save on video storage by configuring the camera to only send motion events to ACC7 if it is caused by a person, resulting in fewer unneeded recordings.

These built-in features allow for CCTV operators to respond quickly to events and to identify when unusual activity requires quick action by security staff or others.

Monitoring and Security solutions to consider

Halo Smart SensorIf you are operating in the hospitality or education sector you may be looking for additional discreet monitoring in areas where CCTV would not be appropriate. The Halo Smart Sensor can add an extra layer of protection to staff, students and guest by detecting vaping, dangerous gases and aggressive behaviour. It can also be used within a range of commercial spaces and industrial sites to ensure good air quality sites and to detect chemical leaks.

Body worn CamerasIf you operate in the retail or hospitality, or healthcare and want your customer-facing staff and security personnel to feel more protected then the VT100 and the VB400 body worn cameras from Motorola Solutions are ideal. They can be integrated into the ACC7 system so that you can act quickly when there are issues on your site.

Density Fog GeneratorsThese can add an extra layer of security to your retail premises, warehouse or factory. By creating thick fog within seconds, they will stop intruders in their tracks so they are unable to get further inside your property to approach your valuables. Instead, their only option will be to escape outside which will save you money from further attempts to find a point of entry and prevent them reaching your goods. The wide range of Density Fog Generators are manufactured to meet the requirements of different sized premises.

How we can help you

The Security Group is a well-established Avigilon partner and will always seek to offer the right CCTV cameras for your site.

If you are based in the south want to know more about the Avigilon H6 Mini Dome or the wider range of CCTV cameras or would like us to visit you so we can assess your security and protection needs please contact us.