Intruder alarm quote: We can help you select a system

Knowing what you might need for an effective security system can be a challenge and understanding the costs can also be difficult but we can help by providing an online intruder alarm quote. We always recommend you approach a specialist company like us that have assessed suppliers and employ trained engineers and surveyors. We only install products that meet the latest security standards. Additionally, we will always ensure that our installations are compliant with the highest standards too.

Simple way to get an intruder alarm quote

If you want to have an intruder alarm system for your home or business then we offer you a quick way to get a quote. If you like the quote then you can contact us online or by telephone to arrange a more detailed assessment of your security needs. To start your intruder alarm quote just go to our Burglar & Intruder Alarms page and click on the button at the top. You then just need to answer four questions to get a price.

  1. You specify if you want the intruder alarm for your home or business.
  2. You indicate how many external doors your home or premises has: one, two or three or more.
  3. You are asked how many rooms or areas you are seeking to protect with your intruder alarm system.
  4. You let us know if you would like to control your intruder alarm system with a mobile app that can provide notifications and allows you to set the alarm from your device.

The quote we give takes account of the number of alarm detectors you require and the cost of a mobile app, if needed, and this is then added to our standard installation charge to give you a price, excluding VAT. Once you have this quote you can work out if this is suitable for your budget.

We hope that you will follow this up by contacting us to find out more and indicate if you want us to assess your property in order to provide other security or safety measures such as CCTV, access control or fire alarms. By integrating systems managing your security will be much simpler.

Intruder Alarm Systems we offer

Orisec Intruder Alarms: These are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and are only available from professional installers, like Security Group. We have selected Orisec as one of our alarm suppliers because its products are reliable and we find its cloud portal and app simple to use while also offering advanced features.

HKC Security: This Assa Abloy group company, is the intruder alarm market leader in Ireland and continues to grow in the United Kingdom. The company has become a trusted brand delivering high quality products, which Security Group is proud to install. Its two-way wireless platform offers excellent range and is capable of securing all building types using HKC’s innovative RF Expander architecture.

Honeywell Security Group: Part of US-based global company, Honeywell, this company is a leading global provider of security systems, including the Galaxy range of intruder alarms, that are a well-established brand in the UK.

Texecom: This is a global security solutions company and is also a well-established brand within the UK intruder systems market. If you have an existing Texecom intruder alarm or want to look at this option for a new security system we can help.

Advantages of a Mobile App

All of our intruder alarm system suppliers offer you the option of having an app for your mobile device allowing you crucially to set and unset your alarm system on the move and have notifications if the alarm is triggered.

The technology also allows you to connect other security measures you may have installed such as gates, CCTV or external lights to the app so you can also remotely control them from the same app.

Further options for extra protection of your property

The price we initially provide will include the basic intruder alarm system, the app if required and the installation. However, if you have a large home or expensive possessions or a larger commercial premises, we would recommend the added protection or remote monitoring through an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The ARC will ensure the intruder alarm system and, if required, your CCTV system, is being constantly monitored when the system is armed throughout the day and night. Our standards compliant ARC will alert you should they lose connectivity to your alarm system and if required advise you to call an engineer.

As an SSAIB certified company we can be registered with the police in England and Wales and we can obtain a unique reference number (URN) from them for your premises. If you opt for a police response we will notify our ARC of your URN enabling them to identify your premises if any alarms are triggered.

Go online to get your quote and contact us

An intruder alarm system will provide you with the first level of security for your home or business. If you are based in Bristol or across south-west England and you need an intruder alarm system then obtaining a fast quote is a great way to begin the process. By contacting us to with your requirements we can then ensure that we will fit the right intruder alarm system for you. If you want to know more just get in touch.