Large area to protect? Avigilon has a solution for you

If you have a large area to secure such as a sports field, stadium, arena, large car park, retail park or town square then having fewer but more powerful CCTV cameras is a perfect solution.

This is exactly what the Avigilon H5 Pro Camera, available in 8, 16, 26, 40, and 61MP models, provides. The camera captures best-in-class image details over vast areas and provides maximum scene coverage through Avigilon’s most powerful and innovative high-resolution camera yet.

If you already have H4 Pro Camera and need to upgrade you will notice improved low light performance as well as the enhanced frame rate which means you can achieve near live recording. Additionally, the new SFP port gives you the ability to have longer cabling distances.

Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) 2.0 technology. HDSM 2.0 patented technology meanwhile drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements and makes optimal use of computing and storage resources. 

The Avigilon H5 Pro Camera (apart from the 40MP, and 61MP  models) is also embedded with Avigilon’s next generation analytic capabilities which include Enhanced Object Detection and Tracking, Facial Recognition, Unusual Activity Detection, and Appearance Search Technology.

With the UK opening up, following the relaxing of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, crowds are returning to places such as shopping and leisure venues increasing the need for more powerful surveillance, for example at sports matches or musical events. Additionally, you may have a large area while you still have rules to enforce, such as wearing of face coverings and social distancing, and the camera supports the occupancy counting and no face mask detection technologies developed over the past two years by Avigilon.

The Avigilon H5 Pro Camera will operate to its full potential when you integrate it with Avigilon’s latest video management software, Avigilon Control Center 7. If you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the software its facial recognition technology allows you to create multiple watch lists and you can upload photographs to add an individual to a watch list.

Avigilon’s next generation video analytics also provides enhanced performance in crowded spaces with the ability to classify more than 50 objects with improved accuracy. Different types and colours of vehicles can also be identified.

So if you have a large area to secure, want superior images from your cameras, and advanced analytics the Avigilon H5 Pro Camera could be the CCTV solution you need. Security Group can offer this and the whole range of Avigilon cameras to organisations in Bristol and across south-west England. We are Avigilon specialists and can support you to make the right camera choice.

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