CCTV upgrade needed? We can audit your site

Are you concerned that your CCTV system is not fulfilling your needs and you need a CCTV upgrade? Security Group can carry out a CCTV audit to assess what you have and suggest improvements.

We can help make your CCTV system work effectively

It may be that you have analogue cameras and find image retrieval difficult and images are of a low quality. Poorly-positioned cameras or the wrong model of camera will also mean your CCTV system needs improvement.

Whatever the current issue our qualified engineers will can audit your site – inside and outside where necessary. They will then recommend better on options on the placing of cameras and the models required.

We provide solutions to suit your budget and need

If you are working to a budget, we can suggest a phased approach to achieving the end result. For example, we can retain analogue cameras and even existing HD cameras if required. These cameras will then be integrated into the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software so images are on one system.

We can also recommend the most appropriate cameras around your building that will be the most cost-effective solution. For example, if a room has multiple entrances we will recommend installing a fisheye camera. The fisheye camera is a great solution if you need to see multiple places in a room.

If you need to view long distances and then zoom in on a subject, PTZ cameras may be necessary. On a large site the engineers may recommend multi-sensor cameras.

We work across sectors and specialise in a range of systems

We have worked across a range of sectors to install security solutions which includes intruder alarm and access control systems, as well as CCTV . Sites include schools, retailers, factory and office sites and domestic properties. We are therefore well placed to understand the needs of a variety of sectors. We are also able to make detailed assessments of the different settings before providing our recommendations.

Our CCTV audit will be thorough and authoritative. The report will show the new camera positions and how we can use any existing CCTV cameras.

If you need to upgrade your CCTV and would like a company to audit your system, and recommend improvements, look no further than Security Group and please get in touch.