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CCTV compliance: Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

If you are operating a surveillance or CCTV camera system, or you are considering installing a system, you need to be aware that any footage of people is classed as their personal data and you have a…

Ava Quad: A flexible multi-sensor camera

We are pleased to offer organisations in the south-west of England seeking an advanced surveillance solution, the AI-powered Ava Quad CCTV camera. This is the security industry’s first true cloud multi-sensor which has the benefit of offering…

ACC 7: Searching for CCTV footage has never been so easy

Are you frustrated by your current CCTV system when you need to search and export footage quickly? We can show organisations across the south-west of England how the latest improvements to Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC…

Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera: For hard to secure areas

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for hard to secure places in your building then the recently launched Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera could be the answer. Areas such as hallways, stairwells, corners in…

CCTV upgrade needed? We can audit your site

Are you concerned that your CCTV system is not fulfilling your needs? Security Group can carry out a CCTV audit to assess what you have and suggest improvements.

Avigilon: Big advances in video analytics

If you are looking for a way to properly monitor your site for health and safety or surveillance purposes and want to reduce the need for extra staff then advanced CCTV with in-built analytics can help.

Avigilon H5 SL Cameras: Providing a flexible security solution

Are you looking for CCTV cameras that can be installed with the minimum amount of fuss so causing little disruption for your property or business premises? Security Group is pleased to offer Avigilon’s H5 SL range which will give you a simple, flexible and cost-effective security solution.

Avigilon offers advanced solutions to enforce COVID-19 rules

Our recommended CCTV system, produced by Avigilon, now includes a range of technological solutions that aim to support you to reduce COVID-19 transmission by supporting social distancing rules and the wearing of face masks.

Body-worn camera can support public-facing staff during lockdown

Security staff and other staff in public-facing roles, whether in retail, hospitality, healthcare or public transport settings sometimes find themselves in challenging situations, such as being at risk of physical or verbal assault, where they may not feel safe.