Access Control: The benefits of using the cloud

If you are struggling with managing access to your site or sites, perhaps because you have contractors or temporary staff or employees needing to enter at varying times, then taking advantage of the latest cloud technology could help. If you are based in Bristol or elsewhere in south-west England we would be delighted to discuss the benefits with you.

Advantages of electronic access control

Advanced electronic access control software gives you the ability to monitor real time activity, on site and remotely off site as well as the ability to unlock doors remotely or via schedule as well as allowing you to protect staff via automatically created emergency evacuation call list logs.

However, you can still have problems with managing key fobs and cards if you have temporary employees. Therefore, a touchless access control system, could be the answer as you can provide credentials for permanent and temporary staff, as well as contractors, so they can gain access via their smart phones. Combining this with cloud software that allows for central, as well as remote, site management and for a scalable solution, can make access control simple.

We offer the Avigilon Alta access control solution which provides keyless, mobile access control with smart video, intercom capabilities and cloud-based software. The cloud-based software has been created with scalable technologies so the access control system is designed to secure everything from a single door, office, or a global enterprise with multiple buildings.

Benefits of touchless access control

For those working on site the touchless facility makes it easy for staff so they do not need to remember cards or fobs or keypad numbers. Meanwhile, the Avigilon Alta software can integrate with your scheduling system to help manage varying employee schedules. For those managing sites the software is easy to use so adding and removing employees can be done quickly. For sectors, like retail, where there can be a high turnover of staff this saves administration costs while ensuring security is maintained.

If you have an access control system already and want to upgrade to Avigilon Alta, we can use existing wiring to reduce your costs. Plus, it can sit alongside your legacy system so while you upgrade everyone to mobile credentials it will supporting existing key cards so there is a seamless transition between the access control systems for staff.

Touchless access control systems can also be of benefit in facilities like private gyms. The 24-hour gym entry system can be installed on outside entries, interior doors, and turnstiles to improve security and convenience. It also means congestion is reduced at busy times as members can move quickly into the gym. Again, you can upgrade to mobile access gradually as Avigilon Alta is backward compatible with existing gym swipe card entry systems.

How we can help

If you are based in south-west England and you are interested in upgrading to a touchless access control system and taking advantage of cloud technology then we can offer a free site survey to discuss your needs. Our business development manager, Peter Coughlin, would also be pleased to discuss the benefits of Avigilon Alta with you. Please contact us to book an appointment or to find out more.