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Orisec Intruder Alarm systems: How to omit zones

If you are based in south-west England and you want an intruder alarm system that allows you to omit areas within your property then the advanced Orisec intruder alarm system could benefit you. For example, being…

HKC alarms: Protecting your home during winter evenings

With dark winter evenings and Christmas coming soon this is a good time to consider if you are protecting your property properly. We can provide homeowners and business-owners in south-west England high-quality intruder alarm systems which…

Density Fog Generators: Aiming to send intruders running

If you operate a retail premises with high-value products, such as mobile phones, jewellery or electrical goods then having a high level of security, that can repel intruders, is essential which is why we are so…

Orisec: An advanced intruder alarm system

If you are a business that is at risk from burglaries or vandalism due to the location of your premises, or the high value of your equipment or products, then it is essential you install a…

The HKC App: Simple Alarm Management

The HKC app for its intruder alarm system is simple to use and makes your life easier. Importantly you can set and unset your alarm on your smart phone when it is convenient for you. This…

Security Group can bring all its expertise to you

Security Group, a SSAIB-accredited company, has continued to operate safely during the latest Covid-19 lockdown and with more of the economy opening up from mid-April we are available to bring our security expertise to a wide range of organisations.

How Security Group can help with protecting your home

If you are concerned about keeping your home secure there are a number of steps you can take to add more protection. Deterring burglars, and not enticing them in, and making your home as secure as possible to stop a break-in is essential. However, finally making sure you get alerted or get evidence if a burglary does occur is important.

Keeping you safe and secure over winter

With darker evenings and the festive period fast approaching it is important you feel safe and secure in your home. When you leave your home, you will also want to know that your property is safe too and if anything is happening you will be notified quickly.

Intruder Alarms: Effectively protecting your business

If you are a small business owner whether in retail, or operating from a unit at a business park or industrial estate protecting your property and your company’s assets is essential. Intruder alarm systems can be the first line of defence when you are deterring burglars from your commercial property.