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ACC Mobile 3: Manage your CCTV system remotely

If you are looking to manage the surveillance of your sites remotely or are away from your premises but need to access the CCTV footage, then Avigilon has the solution by using the power of the cloud.

Transforming your CCTV system with advanced analytics

Security Group can now offer organisations in Bristol or across south-west England the latest advanced analytics from Avigilon which is embedded into its H5A CCTV cameras. Rather than just seeing something is moving these cameras can analyse a view and work out what is moving. For example, whether it is a person or a vehicle.

Search rapidly for people and vehicles

Avigilon Appearance Search™ Technology

Meanwhile you can search for people or vehicles based on descriptions of them and specify the time of when they were in a particular area using the Avigilon video management software Avigilon Control Center 7.

This means if you are responsible for security at a shopping centre and a person has been spotted potentially shoplifting you would be able to create a search based on information you have been given on whether they were a man or woman, their approximate age and the colour of their clothing.

Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through hours of video with ease and quickly displays all the footage that features that person across the entire site. While investigating critical events, time is of the essence, so by working with descriptions given of people and the time of incidents CCTV operators will quickly be able to assist investigations.

Able to spot specific people even in crowded spaces

The latest upgrades of ACC7 enhanced the performance of the technology in crowded spaces and provided the ability to classify more than 50 objects with improved accuracy.  If you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the software its facial recognition technology allows you to create multiple watch lists and you can upload photographs to add an individual to a watch list.

Avigilon have also added watch list profiles that can be created using an uploaded image (all Windows default formats supported) in addition to a snapshot from recorded video or an Avigilon Appearance Search result. Up to 500 names can be added to each appearance watch list which means even on the biggest of sites security can be managed more pro-actively. The software will support up to 5000 profiles as a combined total across all watch lists.

Face recognition matching is now done at the full resolution for H5A cameras for improved performance. Separate licenses are required for Face Recognition on a per-camera basis. Cameras will seek to identify potential matches based on the watch list. If a potential match is found, the user is alerted within the ACC software, and security personnel can then determine whether further investigation or action is necessary.

Able to detect people or vehicles moving quickly

H5A cameras can also analyse a camera’s scene and detect when objects (people or vehicles) are moving at an unusual speed or are present in an unusual location in the scene and send an event to ACC for presentation to an operator in its Focus of Attention interface, or for review on the recorded timeline (requires the H5A firmware upgrade included with this release).

The Focus of Attention interface redefines the experience for monitoring live video. It helps increase operator effectiveness by providing an overview of events occurring across all cameras in the site, Operators can quickly triage the most important events at a given time by reviewing the associated live and recorded video to determine if a response is required.

AI: Cameras can be taught and can learn from their mistakes

Another advantage of the H5A cameras is that they are capable of being taught so that errors can be corrected. For example, you may have been getting notifications of events but there is nothing in the footage. If you have an event like that- for example a vehicle has been identified but in fact there is no vehicle you can go into the image within the ACC7 system and indicate that this is a false image. If you rectify these events often enough then the cameras will learn what is a correct and you will have fewer incorrect notifications.

Advanced Analytics: Transforming your CCTV system

Analytics will transform your experience of operating a CCTV system and the benefits of a faster more intuitive system will soon become obvious if you are responsible for CCTV in areas such as shopping centres, sports stadiums or entertainment venue. At these places large crowds can gather and spotting criminality or dangerous behaviour could be difficult if you relied only on security guards.

If you have a business, school or other premises based in Bristol or anywhere in south-west England that would benefit from advanced analytics and you would like to know more about this or the Avigilon CCTV solution please contact us. We will be pleased to visit your site to find out more about how we can meet your needs.

Security Group: Advanced CCTV solutions from Avigilon

If you need help to protect your property and people at work or at home and you want advanced, but cost-effective, solutions that are simple to use, wherever you are, then you should take a look at the latest smart CCTV cameras and software from Avigilon. Security Group, based in Bristol and operating across south-west England, is now able to offer the power that Avigilon can bring to your CCTV system.

The H5A cameras are a range of high-performing advanced CCTV cameras embedded with the latest analytics. The H5A bullet, box and dome cameras were launched in 2019 but Avigilon has been gradually adding more products since then which are able to help you deal with a range of CCTV challenges.

Advanced H5A Dual Head Camera

Dual-head Camera offering superior advanced CCTV surveillance

If you are looking for a solution for hard to secure places in your building then the Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera could be the answer. Areas such as hallways, stairwells, corners in corridors, and car park entry and exit points could all be areas that are difficult to monitor effectively with a single lens camera. However, rather than having to buy multiple cameras this allows you to have fewer cameras but still provides superior surveillance.


Smart Fisheye Cameras: Giving you panoramic views

Meanwhile if you have a large car park to keep secure or an outdoor or indoor space for young people, when safeguarding is key, then the Avigilon H5A Fisheye Camera could be perfect because it provides 360° panoramic views from a single vantage point.

The H5A Fisheye Camera would be ideal for schools, retailers, commercial offices and manufacturing plants. With its wide selection of mounts and accessories it can be installed by Ecl-ips inside and outside in a wide range of locations.

Those operating the camera will have no blind spots and you will have brilliant views of large areas, with fewer cameras, which will help lower the overall cost of your CCTV system. This gives you all greater confidence and peace of mind when you are protecting your staff and your premises.

H5A PTZ camera 1

Advanced H5A PTZ Camera: Capturing perfect long-distance images

Additionally, if you have a large site with wide-open spaces, that includes areas such as car parks or sports pitches then having a CCTV camera that will be effective at capturing long-distance images and that can capture wide angles is really important. The Avigilon H5A PTZ is the perfect solution for you delivering high-quality, detailed images with up to 36x zoom. The camera is available as a 2MP, 4MP or 8MP model so you can ensure you get the image quality you require.

H5A Corner Camera 1

Avigilon Corner Camera: Tough and vandal proof

Earlier this year Avigilon also launched the H5A Corner Camera which has been designed and built for buildings where it is important to have vandal-resistant cameras, such as in prisons. The camera  has a wide field of view which means it would also be ideal for buildings such as hospitals and large schools. This camera is available as a 3MP or 5MP model.

ACC7 advanced CCTV

Latest advanced analytics for a superior CCTV system

You will get the latest advanced video analytics built-in with all of the H5A range. To get the most out of your system you will need to have the latest version of Avigilon’s video management software, Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC 7).

Meanwhile, if you are looking to manage the surveillance of remote sites or are away from your premises but need to access the CCTV footage, then the ACC software can be accessed using the ACC Mobile 3 app making managing the security of sites easier than ever. With recent improvements you can sign into your ACC account using your Avigilon Cloud Services credentials. This provides for seamless access to an organisation’s cloud-connected ACC 7 sites using firewall traversal.

So whatever your need, no matter how difficult the challenge is, Security Group can design a bespoke advanced CCTV solution for you. We are Avigilon specialists and will use the smart H5A cameras and ACC7 software to meet your needs. If you want to know more about how you can achieve a cost-effective, but advanced solution, contact us.

Security Group supports CCTV Compliance

As a SSAIB-registered CCTV company Security Group always endeavours to meet the highest compliance standards and to encourage our customers to do the same. For CCTV operators this means following the Guiding Principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

The Code was originally published in 2013 and since then there have been legislative changes and the Government is now consulting on revisions to the Code to reflect these. The Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Professor Fraser Sampson, who is responsible for encouraging compliance with the Code and reviewing how it is working, is keen for all stakeholders to respond to the consultation. The deadline for responses is 8th September.

The draft revised code updates reference to this new legislation, in particular Data Protection law, and the judgment in Bridges v South Wales Police, which covered the use of facial recognition by law enforcement bodies.

The Code, issued under section 30 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA), provides guidance on the appropriate use of surveillance camera systems by relevant authorities (generally local authorities and the police) in England and Wales, who have a legal duty to pay regard to the principles of the Code when operating overt surveillance camera systems in public places. All other operators of surveillance camera systems are encouraged to adopt the principles of the Code on a voluntary basis.

Adopting the Code will mean you have a clear purpose for your CCTV system and that you have considered the effect of the system on the privacy of individuals. There also needs to be clear rules and policies in place around the operation of the system and these need to be regularly reviewed.

By adopting the Guiding Principles, it will mean that you are meeting your data protection obligations which are enforced by the Information Commissioner. The law on data protection was most recently updated in the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).

As a statutory consultee, the Commissioner has been invited by the Home Office to make formal comments on the proposed revisions to the Code, which will be submitted and made available on the Commissioner’s website shortly.

If you are based in Bristol or south-west England and would like advice from CCTV specialists on best practice and compliance as well as how to adopt the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice obligations then please contact us.

HALO Sensor: Helping you maintain safer, cleaner spaces

If you own or manage a hotel or leisure complex, or are responsible for safety and security on a school, college or university campus or student accommodation, you may be looking for a smarter way to create a safer and cleaner environment for staff, guests or students.

Halo Sensor detects signs of smoking or vaping

These could be in rooms where CCTV cameras are not allowed, or are not appropriate, but where you want to ensure people are protected and illegal or antisocial behaviour is detected. This is when more advanced monitoring could help. This monitoring could be for environmental threats such as potential gas or chemical leaks; ensuring that aggressive or criminal behaviour between or by people is detected and dealt with and picking up signs of vaping or cannabis smoking inside.

Security Group can now offer a solution that will support you from Motorola Solutions and Avigilon. This is the HALO IOT Smart Sensor (HALO), built by IPVideo Corporation. Using the latest smart technology and with privacy in mind, it adds a layer of security in places that are not covered by CCTV surveillance enabling you to deal with a range of challenging situations and maintain safer and cleaner spaces.

Non-intrusive device that will protect people

For example, you will have an additional sensor that could help provide alerts when students are suffering from bullying or somebody becomes involved in a fight or that is able to detect a variety of particulates in the air so that it can help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Specifically, this all-in-one intelligent device can be used for:

  • Vape and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, found in cannabis) Detection,
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Aggression Detection
  • Calls for Help
  • Gunshot Detection,
  • Spread of Infectious Diseases Prevention
  • Chemical and Gas Detection
  • Vandalism and Trespassing Alerts

The sensor has been designed so it is a non-intrusive security device that does not take away from a room’s ambiance making it ideal for hotel bedrooms, bathrooms and other similar spaces. As well as protecting individuals the sensor prevents damage and associated cleaning costs that are caused by smoke particles and poor air quality helping you save money over time.

Integration with ACC7: Quick notification of issues

Meanwhile, the HALO integrates into a broader security infrastructure and provides data analytics to monitor violation alarm rates. By integrating the HALO with the powerful Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC7) video management software users will be able to receive an alarm in the Focus of Attention interface. This occurs once the HALO senses a threat.

At that point, Radio Alert will be able to notify security personnel or administrators through a text message, a voice-to-text alert, or both, when an alarm is triggered, enabling them to understand the situation  and to respond quickly.

Avigilon, which is now part of Motorola Solutions, is the preferred CCTV supplier for Security Group. This is the latest in a line of innovative products from Avigilon we are excited to offer you. If you want to know more about the benefits of an Avigilon-led solution then please contact us.

Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera: For hard to secure areas

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for hard to secure places in your building then the recently launched Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera could be the answer.

Areas such as hallways, stairwells, corners in corridors, and car park entry and exit points could all be areas that are difficult to monitor effectively with a single lens camera. However, rather than having then to buy multiple cameras this allows you to have fewer cameras but still provides superior surveillance.

This low-profile dual-sensor camera brings enhanced security to any site by increasing coverage and minimising blind spots for those hard to secure areas. The camera is excellent in tight spaces as the two lenses can be angled easily to the correct position. Both of the lenses are varifocal allowing you to adjust the level of zoom and field of view so you can drill down to the area you want to show. Additionally, the camera incorporates Avigilon’s LightCatcher Technology which means it provides exceptional detail in low-light settings.

As the Dual Head is one of Avigilon’s latest H5A cameras it has the latest analytic capabilities. These include expanded object detection and classification as well as support for Facial Recognition and Avigilon Appearance Search technologies. This will allow you to improve your surveillance by responding quickly to events and providing evidence if there is criminal activity or an accident within your site.

The Security Group team is excited about the capabilities of the H5A Dual Head Camera which includes technologies that can help mitigate the risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19. Like all the H5A range, the Dual Head cameras can facilitate occupancy counting to help with social distancing and face mask detection.

The full extent of the video analytic capabilities is available when the camera is integrated with Avigilon Control Center 7, the video management software. Through this integration your security teams will be able to respond swiftly to potentially critical events.

The Security Group engineers are specialists in Avigilon CCTV systems and can tell you more about the benefits of the H5A Dual Head Camera or other Avigilon solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Large area to protect? Avigilon has a solution for you

If you have a large area to secure such as a sports field, stadium, arena, large car park, retail park or town square then having fewer but more powerful CCTV cameras is a perfect solution.

This is exactly what the Avigilon H5 Pro Camera, available in 8, 16, 26, 40, and 61MP models, provides. The camera captures best-in-class image details over vast areas and provides maximum scene coverage through Avigilon’s most powerful and innovative high-resolution camera yet.

If you already have H4 Pro Camera and need to upgrade you will notice improved low light performance as well as the enhanced frame rate which means you can achieve near live recording. Additionally, the new SFP port gives you the ability to have longer cabling distances.

Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) 2.0 technology. HDSM 2.0 patented technology meanwhile drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements and makes optimal use of computing and storage resources. 

The Avigilon H5 Pro Camera (apart from the 40MP, and 61MP  models) is also embedded with Avigilon’s next generation analytic capabilities which include Enhanced Object Detection and Tracking, Facial Recognition, Unusual Activity Detection, and Appearance Search Technology.

With the UK opening up, following the relaxing of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, crowds are returning to places such as shopping and leisure venues increasing the need for more powerful surveillance, for example at sports matches or musical events. Additionally, you may have a large area while you still have rules to enforce, such as wearing of face coverings and social distancing, and the camera supports the occupancy counting and no face mask detection technologies developed over the past two years by Avigilon.

The Avigilon H5 Pro Camera will operate to its full potential when you integrate it with Avigilon’s latest video management software, Avigilon Control Center 7. If you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the software its facial recognition technology allows you to create multiple watch lists and you can upload photographs to add an individual to a watch list.

Avigilon’s next generation video analytics also provides enhanced performance in crowded spaces with the ability to classify more than 50 objects with improved accuracy. Different types and colours of vehicles can also be identified.

So if you have a large area to secure, want superior images from your cameras, and advanced analytics the Avigilon H5 Pro Camera could be the CCTV solution you need. Security Group can offer this and the whole range of Avigilon cameras to organisations in Bristol and across south-west England. We are Avigilon specialists and can support you to make the right camera choice.

To get in touch give Security Group a call on or click here to contact us.

Paxton10: Key App makes your life easier

Being able to access doors at your work without searching for key fobs or cards would make everyone’s life so much easier. Paxton Access Control has made this kind of convenience a reality with their Paxton Key App. This is available for users of its Paxton10 system as well as with PaxLock Pro and Entry panels.

Easy access: How to get started

The Paxton Key App allows access through doors with your smartwatch, smartphone or tablet. It even works without ever taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket! The free Bluetooth smart credentials are easy to issue and use, and allow you to open any Paxton10 door. The Paxton Key app is available for iOS and Android phones, as well as Apple Watches and Wear OS devices.

To get started with Paxton Key you need to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the Paxton10 readers. The system administrator then needs to issue users with Smart Credentials via their user record in the Paxton10 user interface in the ‘Add a credential’ section.

The user will then receive an email containing download instructions for the Paxton Key app. The app is also available from: the Apple App Store*; Google Play** (*Requires iOS v11.0, **Requires Oreo v8.0). Finally, the user registers their Smart Credential in the Paxton Key app.

Using the Key App

Once you have installed the app there are three modes of operation:

Touch to enter: tap the reader with smart device in 1-2m range

Token mode: present smart device to reader as a token

Long range: ideal for car park barriers, smart device read at 5-10m range

Paxton Key then works using four simple steps:

1) A smartphone, tablet or smartwatch sends an encrypted advert up to a range of 10 metres

2) A Paxton10 reader connects

3) Exchanges Free Bluetooth credentials

4) Grants or denies access within milliseconds

Paxton10: Making Remote Access Easy

In April Paxton Access also launched Paxton10 Multi site allowing you to manage access control across multiples sites from a single point of management. Using Paxton10 Cloud Services you can expand your system easily from one server and manage staff and visitors more easily. In addition, Paxton has recently enhanced its remote management features as well as improved the usability of the system so that the user experience is better than ever.

The engineers at Security Group are experts in all of Paxton’s access control solutions. Contact us on 0117 914 1180 if you want to know more about how we can hep you.

We have an IP Camera Solution to help you

Deciding on a reliable IP camera solution could be a headache, especially for small organisations. It is not just about picking a reliable supplier and installer; it is also about understanding the equipment you need to have a complete CCTV system.

Security Group can bring all its expertise to you

Security Group, a SSAIB-accredited company, has continued to operate safely during the latest Covid-19 lockdown and with more of the economy opening up from mid-April we are available to bring our security expertise to a wide range of organisations.