Case Study: HKC intruder alarm system installed

Customer: Mrs B.

Location: Hinton Blewett near Bristol

Requirement:  Mrs B. had been a long-standing customer with Security Group with an annual maintenance agreement. She decided in 2021 that it was time to upgrade to a more modern and comprehensive system following break-ins nearby.

Solution: Grade 2 HKC hybrid intruder alarm system with its Securecomm Cloud Solution offering peace of mind.

The intruder alarm system and installation meet the BS EN50131 intruder alarm standard.

Services: Design and installation of the HKC intruder alarm system, training on the system and the HKC app allow for easy remote control of the alarm. The hybrid system uses wired and wireless technology which connect to both wired and wireless sensors.

The system includes wired detectors in parts of the house and wireless detectors to other areas, including the garage. To improve the wireless range a RF Range extender was also installed.

An HKC alarm control panel was installed and two keypads have been fitted in the hall and in the kitchen making it easy for the alarm to be disarmed at the front and back of the house.

Customer’s View: The installation was very straightforward and no hassle.

Mrs B said, “Security Group fitted my first alarm almost 30 years ago after I had been burgled five times at a previous property.  My system was updated and extended in 2021 as I wanted to take further precautions because of a number of burglaries in an adjacent village where a lot of garages, sheds and cars had been broken into.”

I would recommend Security Group to everyone and did so recently to a friend in the village who was thinking of getting their old alarm updated.” Mrs B.

The upgraded system allows Mrs B. to exit and access by both her front door and back door with each having a keypad. Having back door access enables her and and her muddy dog to go straight into the kitchen.  She is also able to remotely set the alarm in my garage overnight with the HKC app on her mobile phone.

“The new system gives me great comfort especially as the house across the road and the house next door were both burgled overnight in early February. I think no one is safe from break-ins these days and so a house alarm is absolutely essential, Mrs B. added.