Intruder Alarms: Providing a deterrent to criminals

If you are looking for a simple security solution to protect your home from burglary and give you peace of mind when you are out an intruder alarm system could be the solution.

Recent research has found that it is residential properties that are most often targeted by burglars with residential break-ins accounting for 66% of burglaries. However, installing an alarm can provide a deterrent as homes without an alarm are 300% more likely to be burgled than those that have one and 93% of burglars say they avoid properties with an active and visible alarm.

So, if you are looking for a deterrent that keeps your home and possessions safe and secure an intruder alarm is the perfect solution. Modern smart systems are easy to use and are available as wired and wireless solutions. You can also have the ability to link your alarm system to an app so that you can operate it from a mobile device when you have an internet connection.

Having an app means you can set the alarm system if you have left the property unoccupied and forget to set it when you leave as well as receive notifications and alerts if the alarm is triggered. The alarm system can also be unset if required meaning you can essentially manage your alarm system on the move when needed.

In addition, Security Group can install a system to protect your home, which incorporate smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors providing additional protection in the event of an accident when you are away from home.

Our engineers are fully-trained and subject to security screening. Once they have installed the system Security Group will provide ongoing support and maintenance to give you additional peace of mind.

If you have yet to install an intruder alarm system or are looking to upgrade what you have to take advantage of the latest technology we can advise you on the right system for your home, so please contact us.