Security Group: Helping you maintain business continuity

As well as being specialists in security solutions we now have expertise in server room monitoring for your IT devices which we can offer to organisations in Bristol and across south-west England which will help you maintain business continuity.

If you run a small or medium size enterprise you may not see the point in real-time monitoring but when our engineers install CCTV, access control or intruder alarms they are often able demonstrate the value that it will provide. For example, a server or a critical switch, may have been located in a cupboard that has become used for other purposes, creating a sub-optimal environment for that equipment.

If you have effective real-time monitoring you will be able to concentrate on running your core business rather than firefighting to retain business continuity. Otherwise, when you realise you have a problem you may already been hit with IT downtime that could cost you lost revenue and new business.

Maintaining the correct Temperature

Additionally, the IT equipment in server rooms work best if it is kept at a constant temperature and ideally you want to increase the set points for that temperature so that the air conditioning units are not working too hard to retain that level.

The air conditioning unit is likely to be switching on and off constantly as it works to maintain a temperature if it is working inefficiently. However, if the system is working efficiently, you save the energy as the air conditioning units can have a higher set point. By monitoring temperature, you will be able to manage your energy use and boost your energy efficiency, which will save you money over time.

APC Netbotz Devices are a perfect solution

We can offer a broad range of real-time monitoring hardware from APC NetBotz and have expertise in the software from Schneider Electric. To improve your real-time monitoring further we have experience in integrating a lot of third-party devices from various manufacturers into our platforms. For example, APC Netbotz monitoring appliances can monitor third party devices such as air conditioning units, UPS devices and many other third-party sensors.

The APC NetBotz appliances can also operate independently or as part of an enterprise management solution. With the installation of monitoring products, the IT staff can monitor the computer room, whether at their desk or working from home. Units can also be configured to alert technical support staff of potential issues via email, SMS or via SNMP. You can group the Netbotz appliances together and offer a completely scalable solution. As the software is installed through a web browser it is easy to set up and use.

If you are unsure what real-time monitoring appliances or sensors you need, want to ensure that your existing monitoring infrastructure is meeting your current needs or you need advice on how to store your IT appliances we will be happy to advise. To find out more about the benefits of real-time monitoring in maintaining business continuity in organisations of all sizes contact us.