Tackling Vaping in Schools: How we can help

While schools are now closed for the summer holidays it may be a good time for school managers and headteachers to consider improvements they may need to make to their schools ahead of September. We have heard from many schools about the growing problem of vaping by their pupils. We can offer a solution for schools across south-west England and south Wales that can detect vaping and help school staff manage the problem.

Vaping is a health risk for young people, and those around them, as knowing you have students vaping on your premises raises issues about how the e-cigarettes were obtained. It is illegal to sell vaping products to anyone under 18 or to buy them for anyone under 18.

A smart but discreet vape detector

Responding to the vaping problem requires sensitivity and as this activity takes place in areas like school toilets where children are attempting to avoid detection but where it is not appropriate to have surveillance cameras.

We can offer school staff a real-time vape detector and security device which means they are immediately made aware of the vaping as it happens. This means the school can take action to stop the vaping as it happens and allows them to understand the extent of the problem so they can talk to students and parents and work on ways to prevent vaping in the future.

The HALO Smart Sensor can be installed discreetly in private areas such as changing rooms and toilets where students may feel able to vape. Additionally, when we install the HALO sensor, we can connect the device to HALO Cloud. This will provide an online dashboard where you can manage multiple devices, see alerts and historical data.

School staff managing the system can choose how you would like to receive notifications. This could, for example, be via text message, email or via an action message within the dashboard.

Health and Safety Detector

The HALO smart sensor is in fact a three-in-one monitoring device that can also detect aggression and calls for help as well as high levels of dangerous gases which means it can be used to protect pupils and monitor air quality.

In schools where bullying or fighting could be a problem it will pick up calls for help based on five spoken keyword phrases and can learn to detect abnormal noise levels. The HALO can detect a range of factors such as CO₂ which could mean a high level of airborne diseases. You can prevent the spread of infectious disease by taking extra steps when cleaning rooms and making certain the air is properly filtered.

Additionally, if fitted in science labs the HALO sensor can ensure that any gas or chemical spills or leaks can be picked up.

Tried and tested in the US

We are excited to be among the first installers of the HALO smart sensor within the UK, along with our parent company, Ecl-ips. The product is manufactured in the US where schools have already installed HALO sensors. One American school manager said: “Our HALO investment has paid off well for us by giving our school the ability to identify the students who participate in vaping and may need drug counselling, so we can get them the help that they need to overcome it.”

If you are based in Bristol or elsewhere in south-west England or in south Wales and believe that the HALO smart sensor could help you we canoffer a demonstration of the product showing the benefits it can bring. Contact us to find out more.