Advanced Access Control Solutions reduce COVID-19 risks:

The current rise in Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections and the short-term lockdown will mean that businesses may find that remote management of the access control of sites could be incredibly beneficial as most staff return to working at home. This is particularly true if your business has multiple sites and you are having to give some staff access at a range of times as part of social distancing measures.

Security Group can offer Paxton’s networked access control software Net2, which this year added to its functionality to make remote monitoring of sites safer and more effective than ever. This follows the launch of Net2Online and the Paxton Connect app last year. Their use reduces the amount of physical contact required for people to access buildings, but also for those managing the access to them, by making remote management and the security of sites more straightforward than ever before.

Sites can be easily managed via an internet browser or the smartphone app minimising the need for regular site visits. Paxton Connect, available for the iOS & Android operating systems and Net2Online are accessible from any device with an internet connection. They are completely free to existing users of Net2 Pro software, offering added convenience at no extra cost.

Remote access control management functions available with Net2 includes:

  • Lockdown – secures your site at the touch of a button and can quickly disable user access
  • Access Level Management – determines site areas users can access by creating exclusion zones
  • Advance Door Control – opens a door directly from your device wherever you are
  • Timezones – automates access to control movement of people at specific times
  • Event Filters – quickly finds specific events for site management

As well as improving remote management Paxton has been working to keep staff and visitors safe during the Covid-19 pandemic and should help companies get back to business more effectively once the current lockdown ends:

  • Checkpoint Control Feature: This is contained in the latest upgrade of the software, Net2 v6.05 and allows for staff and visitors to be monitored and approved before entering a building. Additionally, you can create checkpoints within a building where users must be validated before they can access other areas, helping to follow health and safety guidelines and protect the well-being of staff and visitors.
  • Net2 Occupancy Management: With this you can quickly and easily manage the flow of people around your building to control the maximum number of people in any given area. The Occupancy Management feature has been specifically developed to support social distancing and make the workplace COVID-secure.
  • Easier integration of Net2 with thermal scanners: This feature follows some organisations considering the use of thermal imaging as part of their solution for opening up sites by detecting staff or visitors that may have raised temperatures and require health screening.

Security Group prides itself on working with firms which provide advanced solutions which are simple for users and Paxton Net2 is one such solution that has gradually improved as technology has developed since its original launch in 1999. As a CCTV installer Security Group can also integrate Net2 with third party CCTV systems.

To discuss with Security Group the best access control solutions for you, and how we can use them to help you get everyone back to the workplace safely, please contact us.