Advanced access control: We are now offering the Openpath solution

We are excited to be one of the first installers of Openpath in the UK which uses the power of the cloud to provide an advanced access control system which is easy to use and allows for touchless access. We can help businesses in south-west England and across south Wales with an advanced solution which can save time and effort.

If you are operating in a business that has a high staff turnover, or you employ a large number of temporary workers, issuing new fobs or cards to allow access to a building and ensuring they are returned could be time-consuming.

The cloud-based Openpath access control software allows you to obtain instant access credentials so you can give staff access via smartphones or Apple Watch devices removing the need to set up additional cards. Staff then will find accessing their workplace simpler and remove the concern about fobs or cards getting lost.

For those who have multiple sites you can manage them all easily via the centralised management platform. You also gain from automatic system-wide updates lowering the cost of software upgrades.

As well as providing easy access methods for staff it is simple to allow access for visitors and those making deliveries to your premises. You can have integrated video and access control: powerful visual verification with mobile monitoring, remote unlocking, and two-way audio.

Meanwhile in venues like gyms and leisure centres you can provide easy touchless member access to the facilities reducing staffing requirements and making it quicker to enter the premises.

Upgrading an existing system to Openpath access control is simple. It can sit alongside your legacy system and we can upgrade everyone to mobile credentials while still supporting existing keycards so there is no interruption in experience for current users. You can also use existing wiring to reduce your upgrade costs. The modern and stylish hardware we install includes readers and controllers with live video and two-way intercom.

You can find out more about the Openpath advanced access control system on its new dedicated page on our website. The website also provides information on why electronic access control makes your life easier and the other access control solutions we can offer including Avigilon’s on-premise access control system, Access Control Manager, and options available from Paxton.

There are only a few selected installers across the UK able to offer Openpath and we are delighted that we are one of them. If you are based in Bath, Bristol or elsewhere in south-west England, or in South Wales, and would like to discuss Openpath, or any aspect of electronic access control, with us or book us for a site survey then please contact us.