Avigilon Alta Compact Dome: High quality surveillance

Avigilon Alta’s (formerly Ava Security’s) Compact Dome CCTV camera captures every detail in demanding light conditions, making this a perfect solution for a discreet indoor setup. So if you are a retailer, hotel, school, gyms or have offices based in Bristol, Bath or elsewhere in south-west England or in south Wales we can help you enhance your CCTV with this camera.

Providing a perfect image whatever the light conditions

Avigilon Alta’s Compact Dome is a 5MP security camera that includes a ƒ/1.3 aperture and a focal length of 3.2mm. The exceptional image quality is achieved in all light conditions thanks to multi-exposure line-based high dynamic range (HDR) technology.

The dynamic range is the difference between the darkest and lightest tones in an image. The HDR features of the Avigilon Alta Compact Dome means it can produce an image which the human eye can see in its entirety although within the area covered there may have been a range of light and dark areas. The camera also includes IR illumination for sharp footage even in complete darkness. Take a look at its great features in this video:

Taking cybersecurity seriously

Avigilon Alta claims its cameras are the most secure on the market. This is thanks to factory-installed certificates, camera passwords set at initialisation and end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the Avigilon Alta Compact Dome is equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide secure encryption key storage for each camera.

Boasting the latest AI-powered and cloud-based technology

The Compact Dome comes with built-in intelligent edge analytics and integrates seamlessly with the Ava Aware video management system. Cloud-managed Compact Dome devices include onboard storage with up to 120 days of retention.

As with all Avigilon Alta cameras you no longer need centralised storage or analytics servers, which need to be separately purchased, configured, and maintained. The Compact Dome’s powerful video and audio analytics enable you to be proactive and detect threats before they turn into incidents.

To provide further flexibility for you when managing your CCTV system the camera features both Ethernet and USB connections for setup. This enables the field of view to be adjusted and verified from a tablet or laptop computer.

The Compact Dome series is designed and developed in Norway and the UK and manufactured in Taiwan.

We offer Avigilon Alta camera system design and installation

We are full Avigilon Alta partners and well-established CCTV system designers and installers. That means we will develop a bespoke design and select the right Avigilon Alta cameras and ensure they are located in the best positions to suit your needs.

We are trained in its video management system, Avigilon Alta Aware, so you will get a reliable set-up of the software and we will ensure that you are confident in using the system. As an NSI-Gold installer we are assessed regularly to ensure that we meet high standards and to ensure that you can trust us when you choose Ecl-ips for your CCTV installation.

To find out more about Avigilon Alta CCTV, and how we can support organisations in south Wales and south-west England to integrate it with other surveillance and protection solutions, please get in touch.