Avigilon: Big advances in video analytics

If you are looking for a way to properly monitor your site because of health and safety concerns or surveillance and want to reduce the need for extra staff then advanced CCTV with in-built analytics can help.

Video analytics applications can perform a variety of tasks which includes

  • Real-time analysis of video for immediate detection of events of interest
  • Analysis of pre-recorded video for the purpose of extracting events and data from the recorded video.

Analytics: Maintaining attention for longer

Advanced analytics technology is also able to counteract some of the problems found if only human operators monitor cameras. Research shows that an average CCTV operator observing video screens, cannot remain alert and attentive for over 20 minutes. A study (Green, 1999) found that after 20 minutes, guards watching a video scene missed up to 95% of activity.

Another study (Sulman, Sanocki, Goldgof, & Kasturi, 2008) found that there are severe limitations in the ability of humans to monitor simultaneous signals. The results of the study showed that observers miss 60% of targets when monitoring nine displays versus only 20% when monitoring four displays.

Advanced features to help you with surveillance

For your business premises or school site Avigilon‘s advanced smarter video analytics, can help you in various ways by:

  • Detecting a car driving the wrong way round a car park
  • Alerting you if anyone is loitering on your property
  • Being able to count people
  • Detecting an object

Finding people and objects made easy with analytics

Avigilon Appearance Search, available with its video management software, Avigilon Control Center (ACC), incorporates the characteristics of a person’s face. As a result, the technology is able to search for the same person, even if items such as their clothing change over time. The quick search capabilities of Avigilon Appearance Search enable operators to scan vast amounts of recorded video. This means it can

  • efficiently grouping video data to help track a person’s or vehicle’s route,
  • identify a person’s previous and last-known location,
  • or even assist investigations.

The more advanced Avigilon H5A cameras can also detect when objects (people or vehicles) are moving at an unusual speed or are in an unusual location. For instance, it will detect if there is a speeding car or a person moving quickly through a building. This will send a notification event to ACC for presentation to an operator. The most recent version of the ACC software, ACC 7, includes its focus of attention interface. This aims to bring to the user a more intuitive way to consume information about potential security events. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and flag events that may require your attention. As a result of the technology, events are highlighted visually in color-coded nodes to indicate different levels of importance.

Avigilon’s AI appliance allows connection to any IP camera

If you want to test out at least some of the capabilities of the Avigilon video management system it is possible to use Avigilon’s technology with an existing third-party IP camera by acquiring the Avigilon Artificial Intelligence Appliance. This adds self-learning video analytics and its appearance search to nearly any IP camera.

When connected to the ACC software, customers can evolve legacy camera systems into powerful AI solutions with automatic alerts of potentially critical events and the ability to search for and locate a person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.

Security Group’s engineers are specialists in the ACC software and camera capabilities and can show your organisation its many capabilities. If you are based in Bristol or south-west England, and want to know more, contact us.