CCTV: Protecting your company from unwanted expense

While CCTV may seem to be a large investment, or even an unnecessary expense for a small business, if you are based on a business park and sharing space with other companies all receiving deliveries from lorries and vans it could save money in the long run.

A delivery lorry or van driver may have an accident that damages business or road signs or even a kerb stone. If they fail to stop and report the damage and you don’t know who has caused that damage or don’t have any way to find out who might have caused it, then you may have to spend thousands of pounds in repairs.

If you have cameras placed around your building and located properly to cover the road within the business park leading to your business premises as well as driveways and car parks then any incidents like this should be captured. If you additionally have a high quality and easy to use video management system, such as Avigilon Control Center (ACC), then finding out how any damage was caused and by whom, will literally take minutes.

This will mean that you can contact the company responsible with evidence, which will include the camera footage and exact dates and times of the incident, proving that they caused the damage. If necessary, you can then make a claim against them so that they will have to pay for any repairs.

Security Group is a supplier of Avigilon’s advanced CCTV systems. Avigilon’s latest cameras are the H5A range, which can come with extra analytical features, and its simpler, but still effective, H5 SL range.

ACC is one of the easiest to use CCTV and video management systems. ACC has transformed how almost anyone can control and organise High Definition (HD) Video with an easy to use interface. ACC can be supplied pre-installed and setup on an Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR) for ease of implementation or we can provide the standalone software to meet the needs of the type of installation you need.

CCTV can give you peace of mind for your business so, if you are based in Bristol or in south-west England, why not contact us to find out more?