ControlPlus 2: Orisec redesigns alarm app

If you want an advanced intruder alarm system that offers easy-to-use remote management then take a look at the solution and ControlPlus 2 app offered by UK manufacturer and developer, Orisec. The company has recently redesigned the app to make remote management of your intruder alarm system easier than ever.

We can support organisations across south-west England and South Wales by designing and installing an advanced Orisec intruder alarm system. Find out how we how helped Bristol-based Sounds Commercial in this case study.

The Orisec ControlPlus 2 app offers a new look with the same advanced features. This includes simple management of your intruder alarm system:

  • Receiving notifications of when alarms are activated which could be for a break-in, fire or flood
  • Setting and unsetting your alarm system, which includes full setting or just part-setting the alarm, wherever you are
  • Remotely control other systems or devices if connected such as CCTV, gates and lights.

The Orisec ControlPlus 2 app also includes its family care feature which means you can keep a check on your loved ones without invading their privacy. The feature allows you to discreetly keep an eye on elderly or other vulnerable family members.

The app will send you an alert if it picks up that there has been no activity at your relative’s home within a programmable timeframe. This will allow you to seek help and get someone to check on your relative if you are not able to travel to their house yourself.

We selected Orisec as one of our intruder alarm partners as its products are reliable and easy to install. In addition to the app for clients, which helps them manage their intruder alarm systems, we have access to the installer cloud portal for installers. This allows us to provide support and service our customers remotely so we can respond more quickly if there are alarm problems although we will always carry out a site visit if necessary.

We have a team qualified in designing and installing bespoke Orisec intruder alarm systems, who are able to provide training in the app so you can make the most of its advanced features. If you want to find out more about the Orisec or other intruder alarm solutions please contact us.