Halo Smart Sensor enhanced with smoke detection

The HALO Smart Sensor has been enhanced recently with the addition of smoke detection. This recent firmware update means you could reduce the number of detectors you have within a building. Therefore schools that have installed the monitoring devices need to ensure they are keeping them up to date.

Smoke detection in schools and other venues helps reduce the risk of fire, as well as detecting if smoking is taking place, protecting people’s health. Smoking has been prohibited by law in virtually all enclosed and substantially enclosed workplaces and public places throughout the UK since 2007.

When we supply and install HALO Smart Sensors, we will ensure you don’t miss out on additional features, such as smoke detection, as the HALO’s firmware is upgraded by providing support for the first year after purchase. If the device fails, we will also replace the device.

After the first year we recommend that you sign up for continuing support to ensure that we can keep your firmware updated. This also means we can still easily replace devices as the HALO 2C has a two-year warranty. The HALO 3C, which will be replacing 2C in the forthcoming months, has a five-year warranty.

Schools have generally installed this discreet smart sensor in toilets due to the rising numbers of students that are vaping. The HALO Smart Sensor, manufactured in the US by IPVideo, which was acquired by Motorola Solutions last year, uses a dynamic vape detection algorithm to learn about the environment and alert when vaping is detected.

The HALO is the only vape detector on the market that can alert and differentiate between vaping, vaping with THC and intentionally masking vaping behaviour, for example, by using aerosols to cover up vaping.

The device has a range of sensors to perform multiple detections but, in addition to the vape monitoring, here are features that can be useful for schools:

  • Monitoring Aggression, through learning to detect abnormal noise levels, which can help schools tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Detecting calls for help by coming preloaded with five spoken keyword phrases so schools can act more quickly in emergency situations
  • A Tamper Alert, detecting when students are interfering with the device so it can continue to function properly
  • It is a POE device which means once plugged in it is connected for power and to your network, so you are not relying on wi-fi and it is protected against students attempting to remove it

Many schools have the capability to carry out the necessary cabling, as well as install the devices themselves, but we can support with this too.  If it is a supply-only order we will send the HALO pre-staged so schools can simply plug and play and we provide training remotely. 

If you want to know more about the HALO Smart Sensor and how it could help in your school or college please get in touch.