Keeping your building secure: Protecting Large Warehouses

If you are operate or manage a large warehouse, manufacturing plant, supermarket or data centre in Bristol, elsewhere in south-west England or in South Wales we can help you take the strong measures that are required to keep the building secure.

The thermally-generated thick security smoke emitted by Density Fog Generators are manufactured to meet the requirements of different sized premises. Density has recently launched two more powerful appliances that will make the solution even more effective in larger buildings.

Density Fog Generators are aimed at preventing intruders from accessing items to steal, such as expensive machinery or equipment in a factory, IT hardware in a data centre or stock stored in a large logistics warehouse. They will stop intruders in their tracks so they are unable to get further inside your building and instead their only option will be to escape outside which will save you money from further attempts to find a point of entry and prevent them reaching your goods or machinery.

The larger models are the Density 6000, which has been developed to protect large areas up to 6000m³, and the Density 14000 which is designed to protect areas up to 14000m³. Like the original range of Density Fog Generators, the Density 900, Density 1500 and Density 2400, the new products have a five-year guarantee.

Fog Generator range built for maximum performance

Each of the Density Fog Generators have been designed and produced to be the most efficient on the market, to make your life easier and keep your building secure. Their engineers have worked on all the components of the Fog Generators to reduce their size while developing their performance in order to create a unique and uncluttered design.

When you purchase a Density fog generator you will also be offered Active Cloud a free service and management platform. This allows you to manage your fog generator remotely allow you to arm and disarm your system or shoot on demand– anytime, from any location. We can also remotely manage the system for you using Active Cloud allowing you to concentrate on your core business knowing your assets are protected. Our access to Active Cloud also means we can support you better to ensure the system is properly maintained.

The Density Fog Generators are certified to meet the European standard EN 50131-8:2019.  This European standard evaluates and tests and evaluates all anti-intrusion and hold-up alarm systems with Part 8 of the standard dedicated to fog-generating devices.

Additionally, Density UK has received the Certificate 21LA001 for EU Regulation EC 1935/2004. This means that its fog solution does not alter the food and produce when emitted from its Fog Generators.

Keeping your building secure: Fog generators help in a range of situations

We selected the Density range of fog generators to offer clients because of their adaptability to a range of situations so we can meet your needs whether you are a large or small retailer or operate a large warehouse. The latest sizes provide even more flexibility allowing us to keep your building secure.

We offer the full range of Density fog generators which can offer an extra layer of protection in addition to intruder alarm systems and CCTV boosting the security solutions we can provide for you. To find out more about the fog generators and the full range of security solutions we can offer please get in touch.