Need number plate recognition quickly? Try the L6Q LPR Camera

If you need a CCTV camera that can be moved and installed quickly in different locations and, that comes embedded with automatic number plate technology, the Motorola Solutions L6Q Quick-Deploy LPR Camera could be the perfect solution. We now offer this advanced CCTV camera to businesses and other organisations across south-west England or south Wales.

L6Q LPR camera works wherever you need it

We are excited about this camera because we can install and mount this camera on almost any surface for clients. Meanwhile, its removable and paintable shroud allows for customisation so the camera can blend in with its surroundings.

You can also deploy the L6Q LPR camera where needed thanks to versatile power options, including solar, AC/DC, as well as a swappable internal battery. Additionally, the camera is designed to run in almost all-weather conditions with its wide operating temperature range and IP67 rating, the L6Q is also physically secure with its tamper-proof design.

Our expert engineers can configure and activate the device quickly so you can start to capture the data you need. The radar-based camera can be set to trigger, even in total darkness. when vehicles move at specific speeds, up to 100 mph (161 km/h), travelling in both directions up to 23m (75 ft) away across multiple lanes. The L6Q LPR camera will also capture the make, model and colour of the vehicle.

Advanced video analytics available

When the camera is paired with Vigilant ClientPortal software, the L6Q LPR camera can add efficiency to your security and parking operations. You can manage watch lists and alerts, run license plate and location-based searches and run patented analytics, such as association and location analysis and convoy identification.

Additionally, as an established Avigilon installer, we are delighted that the Vigilant ClientPortal software integrates with Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Center) to help streamline your data analysis.

Our engineers are experts in Avigilon cameras and Avigilon Unity Video, so we can ensure everything runs smoothly if you want to integrate this into the rest of your Avigilon CCTV system. So, if you are based in south-west England or south Wales and think you need to monitor traffic and vehicles more carefully around your premises, please get in touch to find out more about how we can help.