Orisec Intruder Alarm systems: How to omit zones

If you are based in south-west England and you want an intruder alarm system that allows you to omit areas within your property then the advanced Orisec intruder alarm system could benefit you. For example, being able to have your alarm active to cover downstairs where you could have a break-in, but not upstairs where you are sleeping, would give you peace of mind at night.

Orisec intruder alarms give you full flexibility to isolate individual rooms or zones within your property so that the intruder alarm detectors are only triggered where you need them to be. The way you do this depends on whether you are using the app or the type of keypad that you have. We have produced videos to show how this is done.

Isolating zones via the Orisec app

To isolate a particular room or zone, using the app, you need to connect on your mobile and then on the top menu pick out zones.

You can then work your way the rooms where you have alarm detectors and omit those that you want to exclude from your intruder alarm system. Find out more in this video.

Omitting Zones using Orisec Keypads

The most common Orisec keypads that we fit are the RKP 400 and the TK600 series touch keypad. To omit zones using the RKP 400 keypad you first insert your passcode then using the down arrow button you move the cursor down to omit zones. You then press the tick button to see the list of zones. You use the down button to move to the correct zone and then press chime to select. To deselect you simply press chime again. To return to your main screen press and hold the omit button. The process is similar using the TK600 series touch keypad but it is using a touch screen rather than buttons. Here are the videos showing the process.

Good reasons to choose Orisec alarm systems

Orisec is the fastest growing UK manufacturer and distributor of intruder alarm equipment. It is committed to providing premium quality products. The company was founded in 2013 and has a focus on invention and innovation combined with exceptional design and performance. It said it has over 300 patents, registered designs and trademarks. Orisec’s global UK headquarters is its large manufacturing and training facility near Manchester.

The Orisec intruder alarm systems are only available from professional installers, like us. We have selected Orisec as one of our alarm suppliers because its products are reliable and we find its cloud portal and app simple to use while also offering advanced features. Orisec also offers installers excellent technical training and support.

More Key features of the Orisec ControlPlus app

The Orisec app gives you added flexibility to manage your intruder alarm system remotely on your mobile device if you have an internet connection. It also adds value to your intruder alarm system, with added features.

  • Family care feature: this feature means you can keep a check on your loved ones without invading their privacy. The app will send you an alert if it picks up that there has been no activity at your relative’s home within a programmable timeframe. This will allow you to seek help and get someone to check on your relative if you are not able to travel to their house yourself. We believe the family care feature from Orisec could provide peace of mind to many homeowners. However, we also offer intruder alarms to businesses and other organisations, such as schools.
  • Receive notifications of when alarms are activated which could be for a break-in, fire or flood
  • Setting and unsetting your alarm system, which includes full setting or just part-setting the alarm, wherever you are
  • Remotely control other systems or devices if connected such as CCTV, gates and lights.

How we can support you with an Orisec intruder alarm system

Orisec provides a cloud portal which means our engineers can provide you with remote maintenance of your Orisec intruder alarm so your problems get fixed more quickly without the need for a site visit. This allows for more efficient use of your staff and time while giving you the peace of mind that we can provide you with support quickly.

In the event of a problem with your Orisec intruder alarm system in between the annual service, one of our engineers will respond to your call in under 4 hours. If we cannot get the system working again remotely, we will arrange to visit your site as soon as we can. Any maintenance reports we produce are emailed directly to your inbox.

We can also take advantage of Orisec’s Engineer App will allow system diagnostics and configuration from our mobile devices.

We can help you choose the right intruder alarm solution

Within our team we have qualifications in both designing and installing intruder alarm systems and we have taken the time to become experienced in Orisec’s solutions. If you need support to install or upgrade our surveyors are able to review your existing security systems. If you live, or have a business in Bristol or across south-west England, and you want to know more about how Orisec intruder alarms could help you please get in touch.