Paxton Net 2 Access Control Explained

If you are struggling with access management on your site and want to be able to more easily record who is present or want to seal off areas within your property then electronic access control is the answer.

Since we were acquired by Paxton Access specialists, Ecl-ips last year we have been able to offer an improved range of access control solutions. This includes Paxton’s Net2 access control system which provides a flexible means of providing access to your staff and visitors. Crucially, for those managing or administering the business the software is easy to use and is designed to feel familiar to any Windows user.

You can get many of the basic access control features with its free version, Net2 Lite. This offers centralised administration and control of sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users.

You can access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using the intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and ‘Triggers and Actions’ further extend the capabilities of this system.

The advanced features of Paxton Net2 Pro Software

However, if you want to manage access control remotely, or want more advanced features, we can also offer Net 2 Pro. In the past two years, to respond to the requirements of social distancing due to Coronavirus (COVID 19) Paxton has launched upgrades to the software to provide additional features.

Its Net2 v6.05 upgrade introduced Checkpoint Control a feature which means you can protect your staff and visitors by monitoring and approving people as they enter your building. It works by funnelling people through one entrance point which, when they enter, allows you to do extra monitoring, for example temperature checks, and then a validation process which can be manual or automatic by using their usual access control accreditation.

Meanwhile Paxton’s previous upgrade of the software, Net2 v6.04, added an Occupancy Management feature which allows you to limit the number of people in any given area of a building; either barring access or sending an email/text to a manager when a space nears capacity. While these social distancing measures were developed to mitigate the risks associated with COVID 19 they can also be used in crowd control situations when there are large events or to provide privacy to certain people within an area of a building.

Paxton Net2: Providing Safeguarding for staff and visitors

There are further features that are only available with Net2 Pro which will help you safeguard your staff, students with in a school and visitors so you can ensure you are dealing with emergency situations properly and also allow you control operator permissions. These include:

  • Fire alarm integration;
  • Roll call and muster reporting which is important if there is a fire alarm and you need to check that everyone has left the building safely;
  • Timesheets and timelines to check the working hours of employees. You can also note planned and unpaid leave. Reports can be exported for use with HR applications;
  • Landlord-tenant/ advanced operator permissions: it is possible to restrict users to only administer tokens within a specific area, for example when more than one business is sharing a building.
  • security lockdown which is ideal for sensitive sites that need to secure the premises in the event of an emergency, allowing only specific security personnel free movement
  • Multi-zone intruder alarm integration.
  • Anti-passback: This prevents a user from passing their token back to a second person to gain entry into the same controlled area; for example, a car park.
  • Customisable welcome page: We can customise the welcome screen of your Net2 system with your organisation’s logo, additionally, they can add their contact details if you ever need to contact them for support

Remotely manage and monitor access control

Net 2 software now has advanced functionality so that the remote monitoring of sites is safer and more effective than ever. Sites can be easily managed via an internet browser or the smartphone app minimising the need for regular site visits.

Paxton Connect, available for the iOS & Android operating systems and Net2Online are accessible from any device with an internet connection. They are completely free to existing users of Net2 Pro software. The areas that you can manage remotely include:

  • User admin
  • Managing roll call reports
  • Lockdown
  • Timezone management
  • Open door functionality
  • Viewing reports and event

A comprehensive range of Access Control Products

We can assess your premises to advise on the right access control solutions for you using the Net 2 system which is easily scalable depending on your current or future needs.  The solutions we can provide that work with Paxton’s Net 2 system include:

  • Paxton Door entry which allows you to recognise a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building. The Paxton Door Entry system can work standalone or alongside Net2. Net2 Entry consists of 3 components that auto-detect on set up; external panel, interior monitor and door control unit. Net2 Entry is a plug and play solution that comes with a range of panel options and is suitable for a wide variety of sites.
  • PaxLock is Paxton Access Control’s range of wireless access control solutions in a door handle. It can be used for your entry systems for visitors or for internal door locks to improve security within your building.  PaxLock can be standalone or as part of a networked solution using Net 2 software.
  • The Net2Air Bridge uses Paxton’s Net2Air wireless technology to communicate with the Net2 software. The Net2Air Bridge provides the wireless communication link between the PC running Net2 and wireless control units such as the Paxlock Pro or Net2 Nano door controller.

We offer a comprehensive free site survey

We will always carry out a comprehensive site survey when we offer electronic access control so you understand how the Net2 system could benefit you. Additionally, we can integrate the Net 2 system into the other security measures that we offer including intruder alarms and CCTV. The combination of remotely managed and integrated security systems can make providing protection and secure access easier than ever.

If you are based in Bristol or elsewhere in south-west England and you want to know more about Paxton’s Net2 access control system and you would like to discuss it with us, or you would like us to provide you with a free site assessment, please get in touch.