Paxton10: Key App makes your life easier

Being able to access doors at your work without searching for key fobs or cards would make everyone’s life so much easier. Paxton Access Control has made this kind of convenience a reality with their Paxton Key App. This is available for users of its Paxton10 system as well as with PaxLock Pro and Entry panels.

Easy access: How to get started

The Paxton Key App allows access through doors with your smartwatch, smartphone or tablet. It even works without ever taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket! The free Bluetooth smart credentials are easy to issue and use, and allow you to open any Paxton10 door. The Paxton Key app is available for iOS and Android phones, as well as Apple Watches and Wear OS devices.

To get started with Paxton Key you need to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the Paxton10 readers. The system administrator then needs to issue users with Smart Credentials via their user record in the Paxton10 user interface in the ‘Add a credential’ section.

The user will then receive an email containing download instructions for the Paxton Key app. The app is also available from: the Apple App Store*; Google Play** (*Requires iOS v11.0, **Requires Oreo v8.0). Finally, the user registers their Smart Credential in the Paxton Key app.

Using the Key App

Once you have installed the app there are three modes of operation:

Touch to enter: tap the reader with smart device in 1-2m range

Token mode: present smart device to reader as a token

Long range: ideal for car park barriers, smart device read at 5-10m range

Paxton Key then works using four simple steps:

1) A smartphone, tablet or smartwatch sends an encrypted advert up to a range of 10 metres

2) A Paxton10 reader connects

3) Exchanges Free Bluetooth credentials

4) Grants or denies access within milliseconds

Paxton10: Making Remote Access Easy

In April Paxton Access also launched Paxton10 Multi site allowing you to manage access control across multiples sites from a single point of management. Using Paxton10 Cloud Services you can expand your system easily from one server and manage staff and visitors more easily. In addition, Paxton has recently enhanced its remote management features as well as improved the usability of the system so that the user experience is better than ever.

The engineers at Security Group are experts in all of Paxton’s access control solutions. Contact us on 0117 914 1180 if you want to know more about how we can hep you.