Why CCTV could benefit your business

As a small or medium-sized business owner why would you need CCTV cameras? Well, to be honest you don’t need CCTV – until you do. Many people pay for home insurance for years and rarely use it. However, if you have a break-in or property theft you are thankful that you have it.

So, let’s look at six reasons why you might want CCTV cameras for your business:

  1. Crime Deterrent: One thing is for sure: no criminal wants to be seen. Criminals do not want to take any chances that people will see them in their act of illegal activity. If a criminal sees cameras on your building it is likely that they will be deterred from carrying out their criminal activity around your property. 
  2. Providing evidence if you suffer from vandalism or theft: Retailers may have a spate of shoplifting or business premises may have unwanted visitors damaging property. The footage will enable you to give evidence to the police so there is a chance that the perpetrators will be caught.
  3. False Claims: Slip and fall, sexual harassment, bad customer service – all things that can cost a company a lot of money and damage the company’s reputation. Security cameras can assist with all of these areas.
  4. Loss Prevention: Internal theft is a larger problem for most companies than they realise. Internal theft can be employee’s taking things as simple as office supplies to things that are extremely vital – such as customer records and other extremely valuable company files.  Security cameras can help deter these activities.
  5. Keeping staff safe: Staff in the retail and hospitality sector will feel safer if there is CCTV and evidence will be gathered in the event of an assault or verbal abuse by a customer.
  6. Peace of Mind: Peace of mind, in most cases, trumps all of the reasons we have offered to have CCTV cameras.

Remember whenever you install a CCTV system you must clearly define its purpose and review regularly if the system is still necessary. Additionally, you need to be aware of data protection laws. This means the public and your staff have rights in respect of the information you collect and hold about them and this includes video footage recorded using CCTV cameras. The government states that anyone can ask to see images that you’ve recorded of them and you must provide these within one calendar month.

Security Group is a well-established security systems installer and with its recent purchase by Ecl-ips it has expanded expertise in CCTV installation. If you would like to discuss the CCTV needs of your business please contact us.