Lockdown 3: Security Group can still support you

While 2021 has not got off to the best of starts with the commencement of lockdown 3 in England we know that better times are ahead with the rollout of the vaccine programme across the UK. However, just like in March last year’ we need a national effort to stay at home to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), especially in the light of the increased infectiousness of the new variant of the disease.

Security specialist Security Group remains open for business despite the lockdown and we are ready and able to support our customers across Bristol and south-west England remotely and on site if required. If your premises are staying empty, or there are less staff on site ensuring your CCTV and alarm systems are working properly is important.

For added peace of mind modern CCTV, access control and alarm systems, can be managed remotely by users or by the installers if they also offer ongoing maintenance and support. If you want advice on Avigilon, Paxton, HKC or Orisec systems then we can help just get in touch by telephone or via our contact form then we can also arrange an online chat via Microsoft Teams or on Zoom if desired.

Additionally, with fewer staff on site, ensuring your IT spaces and server rooms are running smoothly and appliances are properly monitored so that power surges or issues such as leaks or temperature spikes are not going to cause any IT downtime is vital. Security Group can now supply monitoring devices such as the APC Netbotz 250 and the APC Netbotz 750 and again provide advice on their use.

Essential retailers and other businesses that are remaining open during the lockdown period may want to take advantage of the new software features and CCTV solutions that have been developed by Avigilon and Paxton in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), pandemic.

Avigilon’s solutions are:

The H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature (ETD) solution
Occupancy counting for premises,
Solutions to help enforce rules on social distancing and the wearing of face coverings;
Body-worn cameras that can support staff enforcing COVID-19 guidelines so they feel safer dealing with the public.

Paxton’s advances are:

Checkpoint control which works by funnelling people through to one entrance point which, when they enter, allows you to do extra monitoring, for example temperature checks, and then a validation process which can be manual or automatic by using their usual access control accreditation.
Occupancy management features within its Net2 software to support social distancing within buildings.

Meanwhile, if your business or organisation is not as busy or as productive as usual why not use this time for planning improvements to your business premises? These plans could include making enhancements to your access control systems so you can better manage staff and visitors to your site; ensuring intruder alarm systems are up to date and ensuring your CCTV is as effective as it can be.

We would love the opportunity to have a chat with you about what your monitoring, security or safeguarding needs are. You can contact us on 0117 914 1180 or use our online form. If you would like we can book you an online appointment with one of our experts in CCTV, access control, intruder alarms or server room monitoring. So, get planning for 2021 and contact Security Group today.