We can now offer the small but powerful Avigilon H5A Modular camera

If you are looking for a discreet and unobtrusive CCTV camera because you need to monitor places where there is limited space then Avigilon has developed a solution. This is the Avigilon H5A Modular camera, its smallest camera yet.

Flexible Modular Design

The modular design of this camera offers you the ability to mix and match different resolutions and lens types to suit your site’s coverage needs.

The camera’s size and flexibility make it perfect for a range of places such as cash machines, retail checkout counters, hotel reception desks, casino gaming tables, police interview rooms, or building entrances.

The H5A Modular camera’s lightweight and distributed design allows it to be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. Despite the camera’s small size, it produces high-resolution images up to 5 MP and its wide dynamic range helps ensure clear image details in areas with strong backlight.

As part of the camera package, you will receive the 2 Port H5A Modular Main Unit and a choice of fixed lens micro-bullet imager modules with 3MP or 5MP resolution or a fixed pin-hole lens right-angle image module with a 3MP resolution.

There are detachable cables with multiple length options giving us lots of flexibility for positioning the camera’s imager modules for ideal scene coverage. This means we can help you to get the best out of these modular cameras.

Take advantage of advanced analytics

In the main modular unit of the camera the camera is embedded, like the other cameras in the H5A range, with advanced analytics that form part of the Avigilon Control Center 7 video management software.

This means that the camera, rather than just seeing something is moving, can analyse a view and work out what is moving. It means that CCTV operators viewing and searching for the camera images within ACC7 can make quicker decisions about actions to take to protect people, property and keep a building secure.

For example, if the camera picks up suspicious behaviour by somebody at a cash machine near a bank or by a cash till in a shop within a retail park then the individual involved could be traced using Avigilon Appearance Search. This will sort through hours of video with ease and quickly display all the footage that features that person across the entire site.  The latest facial recognition technology within ACC7 also means that people can be detected more easily even in crowded spaces.

In addition, the Unusual Activity Detection feature will pick up if people or vehicles are moving at an unusual speed or are present in an unusual location and send an event to ACC for presentation to an operator in its Focus of Attention interface, or for review on the recorded timeline.

Contact us to find out more

If you are based in Bristol or elsewhere in south-west England we can visit you to assess what your CCTV camera needs are and show you what the Avigilon H5A Modular camera can offer, as well as tell you more about the rest of the Avigilon range and its advanced video management software. Please get in touch for more information, we will be delighted to help.