We have an IP Camera Solution to help you

Deciding on a reliable IP camera solution could be a headache, especially for small organisations. It is not just about picking a reliable supplier and installer; it is also about understanding the equipment you need to have a complete CCTV system.

How we can help you get your CCTV right

At Security Group we understand the importance of having the correct camera to give you the quality images you need. We also consider how to position the cameras in the right places to fulfil the purpose of your system. Finally we know the importance of having effective hardware to record the images and easy-to-use, but cutting-edge, video management software.

That’s why we have put together our Avigilon CCTV packages to meet your needs if you haven’t yet made the leap into IP camera systems. We know that you will be impressed with the advanced, yet cost-effective, solutions we provide.

CCTV Packages to suit you

Our CCTV packages all include the supply and installation of the Avigilon system. Additionally, there is training for the operators and 12 months support and maintenance. We then offer three different options so your step into having an advanced CCTV system is easier than ever.

  • The first package provides an indoor CCTV solution. We will supply 4 Avigilon 2MP cameras and a 4TB ES Appliance.
  • The second package provides 4 5MP H5M Dome Cameras as well as the 4TB ES Appliance. This makes it ideal for monitoring around your site outdoors.
  • The third package provides a comprehensive solution if you want to monitor both outside and inside your premises. You will receive 8 H5M Dome Cameras in total in addition to the 4TB ES Appliance

A perfect camera solution

The H5M Dome is the industry’s smallest HD Dome. The camera handles tough environmental conditions and offers advanced AI technology for faster response times. This makes it an ideal IP camera solution.

If you need CCTV for security, then a camera that will capture images when darkness fades or at night, is important. This is when unwanted visitors are most likely to arrive and the H5M Dome camera can handle this. Its advanced features include:

  • Exposure wide dynamic range meaning it will capture details in scenes with both very bright and dark areas
  • Lightcatcher technology to capture the best images even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Integrated Infra-red so it can operate at night

An advanced appliance with built-in software

Meanwhile, the 4TB ES Appliance has the advanced video management software, Avigilon Control Center, built in. The appliance is literally ready to use from the box. This is thanks to its secure Linux-based firmware and the built-in web endpoint technology. This means we can set up mobile connections straight away. It also includes a built-in POE switch so you can plug directly into this to create your network.

Avilgilon’s ES products help avoid bandwidth issues by storing over 30 days of HD video locally near the camera. You can then easily view it remotely from a central location. For added convenience, once installed, you can then manage the CCTV of your site remotely using Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS). The ACS function comes as part of your ACC 7 licence.

Ecl-ips engineers: Avigilon specialists

The engineers at Security Group are Avigilon specialists who test new appliances and cameras to ensure they are reliable. They also pride themselves on keeping up to date with the developments of the Avigilon software. That means they have selected the perfect cameras and equipment for a cost-effective package. Take a look on our CCTV page for more information.

If you are a homeowner or business owner, based in Bristol or south-west England and you are looking to upgrade or need to install CCTV, please get in touch with us. You can call on 0117 914 1180 and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.