What is a burglar alarm system?

A burglar alarm, or intruder alarm, system, is a security system that will protect your property from a break-in. A range of sensors, that can be placed externally and internally, will detect motion, and this will sound an alarm.

The detectors should be located in areas where people are more likely to try to enter your home or commercial property, such as entry doors or windows. Additionally, the alarm system can be connected to your mobile device allowing you to receive notifications when the alarm sounds.

If you need more protection because of the high value of your property and your assets you can opt for remote monitoring which means your alarm system will send a signal to our alarm receiving centre (ARC) if the alarm has been triggered. The ARC will be able to detect if it is a false alarm or not and if it is not, they can request a police response if necessary.

Benefits of an Intruder Alarm System

The key benefits to you as a home or business owner of installing a burglar alarm are:

  • To protect your property from theft and vandalism
  • Increasing the likelihood of police apprehending criminals
  • Lowering your insurance premiums
  • Providing peace of mind when you’re away from home or off-site

Wired and Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Wireless intruder alarm systems use battery-powered sensors that communicate with a control panel using radio signals. The main benefit of this system is that they are quicker to install as we do not need to run wires around your property. You will need batteries for all components, such as the control panel and all sensors but with modern systems these should last at least five years.

Wired systems, on the other hand, need wires running to each of the sensors to work. They will take longer to install as we take our time to ensure the wires are hidden and properly fitted. You will also need a back-up battery in the main control panel and the external siren battery which will require changing approximately every five years.

Depending on the type and size of your property, you may decide to install a hybrid intruder alarm system to protect it further. For a large building we would recommend a wired system, but if you additionally want your intruder alarm system to stretch to outbuildings, we can extend its range by using wireless detectors. You will then gain the advantages of both type of system.

Locating the sensors correctly: Intruder alarm system grades

Burglar alarms are categorised into four different grades, based on their levels of performance (such as functionality, reliability and durability) and the risk level of your property or business. We fit grade 2 and grade 3 level alarms.

Grade 2 systems offer a good level of security for most residential properties and lower risk small commercial properties. This level will protect against burglars who have some knowledge of the alarm system and property. It protects multiple entry points.

Grade 3 systems are designed to combat burglars and attackers with advanced knowledge of the alarm system and have tools and equipment (including portal electronic devices). The system is comprehensive and will protect all potential entry points of a building. High risk homes and lots of commercial properties fall into this category.

Trustworthy burglar alarm systems and installers

Each intruder alarm system that we install is certified to meet EN50131, BS 8243 and PD6662 standards. The latter standard is an ‘umbrella’ standard for the application of European standards by installers in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of intruder and hold-up alarm systems.

Furthermore, all our engineers are fully trained and have been security screened. We are a SSAIB certified company which and all our intruder alarm systems meet the necessary compliance standards. This gives you that peace of mind that you are working with a company that will deliver a quality of service, and install products, that can be relied upon.

How we can help to meet your security needs with the right sensors

Before we install an intruder alarm, our surveyors will visit the premises to assess and review requirements since each alarm system is unique. By conducting a site visit we can establish your specific requirements and take into consideration any additional insurance requests you may have to comply with. Then we can design an intruder alarm system that provides you with the right level of security, complies with current regulations, and is therefore the correct grade of alarm.

Our preferred intruder alarm system partners are Orisec, a British manufacturer, and Irish manufacturer, HKC Security, which has been part of the multinational group, ASSA ABLOY, since 2018. We selected these companies because of the quality of their products and their intruder alarm apps that allow users to manage their alarm systems remotely. Orisec, for example, has launched its range of XD2 external sensors that have been developed specifically to provide an early warning that somebody is on your premises. We will design a bespoke system for you and will use products from both suppliers if this is beneficial to you.

We can provide intruder alarm systems in Bristol and across south-west England that will protect residential and commercial properties. If you want to know more about the burglar alarm systems we offer, please contact us.