Avigilon: Offering end-to-end video security

CCTV and access control developer, Avigilon, has been revitalised in 2023 by its parent company, Motorola Solutions, which has brought this company together with other subsidiaries acquired in recent years. This means that under the Avigilon brand we are able to offer a complete portfolio of end-to-end video security products and services to organisations across south-west England and south Wales.

CCTV and access control innovation

Avigilon was originally founded in 2004 in Canada and quickly became recognised for its wide range of high-definition cameras, intuitive user-friendly software and also developed an access control solution. Following its acquisition by Motorola Solutions in 2018 Avigilon continued to innovate with improvements to its video management software and development of CCTV cameras with embedded analytics.

Meanwhile, Motorola Solutions bought Californian-based tech start-up Openpath in 2021. This was formed in 2016 and had developed an innovative cloud-based access control solution. Additionally, in 2022 Motorola acquired Ava Security which had created a cloud-based CCTV solution. Its software development and product design were based in Europe, while the cameras were manufactured in Taiwan.

Earlier this year Motorola Solutions brought these firms under the Avigilon name. The legacy Avigilon surveillance solution was rebranded as Avigilon Unity while the Openpath and Ava access control and CCTV solutions have become Avigilon Alta, although the cameras retain the Ava name.

Benefits of Avigilon Unity

Avigilon Unity Video: Detect, verify and act on critical events

Transform your video security with Avigilon’s cutting-edge video analytics that helps you make the most informed security decisions.

  • Redefine how you interact with locally hosted video footage.
  • Maximise efficiency with automated alerts and real-time video previews.
  • Find a person’s location or vehicle of interest across an entire site or multiple sites using Avigilon Appearance Search.
  • Manage sites with convenient, centralised access and user authentication to your on-premise security system with our cloud-managed platform, Unity Cloud Services.
  • Manage access to your premises and verify the identity of the person at the door with a seamless unification between Avigilon Unity Video and Avigilon Unity Access.
  • Facial recognition technology accelerates response times by quickly identifying people of interest.
  • Focus of Attention provides you with an intuitive way to consume information about potential security events.

Avigilon Unity Cloud Services

Access, manage and control your security from the palm of your hand with Avigilon Unity Cloud Services. You can manage sites and cameras from a centralised location via browser or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

  • Flexible video security operations allows you to access, manage and control your security from any device.
  • Enable secure remote access with minimal or no firewall re-configuration with firewall traversal.

Prioritise maintenance efforts with a centralised dashboard and quickly review the operational status of security systems

Avigilon Decision Management System

Unify video, access control and intrusion management with Avigilon’s Decision Management System (DMS) module. You can access the 100% cloud-based DMS module anytime, anywhere in the world through Avigilon Unity Cloud Services.

  • View threats and alerts faster with a single-screen interface that integrates with the Motorola Solutions ecosystem.
  • Walk operators through each step of an incident and simplify interaction with security devices with the Operator Guide.
  • Effortlessly review automated incident reports with detailed steps, images, videos and operator actions in one place.

Avigilon Unity Access

Unity Access is a scalable on-premise access control system that can conveniently be used from your browser or mobile, allowing you to stay connected and responsive to alerts from any location and at any time.

You can improve the security of your site by unifying Unity Access and Unity Video and enhance your situational awareness as these two powerful systems work together to safeguard your property, assets and people.

Avigilon Alta: end-to-end cloud security

You can improve visibility and increase efficiency across your entire organisation with the Avigilon Alta end-to-end cloud security suite, equipped with AI-powered analytics and fully integrated technology.

Alta Aware Cloud video manage software

The  cloud-based AI video analytics software has the power to provide 360-degree awareness to Avigilon Ava cloud IP cameras or to your existing cameras and sensors.

  • Add maps of all your locations in Avigilon Alta Aware to gain enhanced situational awareness. Classify and assign people, vehicles and other objects as they move on your premises.
  • Powered by deep learning, Alta Aware automatically changes video streams with real-time alerts and notifications to describe the incident, the time and the place it occur.
  • Search by event and similarity, and perform appearance and image detection powered by machine learning capabilities to quickly comb through countless hours of video throughout your entire deployment.

Unified video and access control

Verify every access event, when and where it occurs with powerful, interoperable readers, cameras and cloud-native software.

  • Manage the entire system together: Associate Alta video hardware with your site entrances and view real-time access activity alongside live footage, with integrated and customisable management dashboards accessible from any device.
  • Enhance situational awareness: Empower security teams and gain valuable operational insights with real-time reporting, custom AI-powered alerts and visual verification on any device, from anywhere in the world.
  • Improve visibility with interoperable hardware: Import live and recorded video from Avigilon Pro Series Smart Readers directly into Alta Aware, so you can see what’s happening at the door and throughout your entire facility — without being on-site.

Reliable mobile access control

The Alta cloud access control system is built with scalable technologies that can secure anywhere from a single office to a multisite enterprise with ease.

  • Fast touchless entry: Alta allows you to remotely unlock entrances, create digital badges, visitor credentials and provide automatic entry detection.
  • Choose from a complete range of readers and controllers with live video, two-way intercom and intelligent cloud capabilities in sleek, easy-to-install designs.
  • Adjust credentials, schedules and permissions on any device, at any time in the cloud-native Alta Control Center software.

Providing surveillance and access control systems to meet your needs

The advanced surveillance and access control systems from Avigilon combined with the wide range of cloud-based Avigilon Ava and H5A, H6SL and H5 Pro CCTV cameras, as well as Avigilon Alta access control hardware allows us to design security systems that will meet a range of needs.

With the Avigilon Alta offering we can scale up projects quickly using the 100% cloud-based software while the Avigilon Unity video platform and latest cameras build on a legacy of products we know we can rely on. We can provide a bespoke design for your security system using the larger range of CCTV and access control Avigilon can offer. We can also combine this with Motorola products such as the L6Q Quick-Deploy LPR Camera and Motorola body-worn cameras which integrate into the Avigilon Unity Video platform.

If you are based in Bristol, Bath, elsewhere in south-west England or in south Wales and you want to know more about how the Avigilon access control and CCTV systems can help you please contact us.