Orisec Intruder Alarm System: Dual path connectivity boost

As a SSAIB-certified Orisec Intruder Alarm System supplier, based in south-west England, we can offer reliable Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring with dual path connectivity. Meanwhile, Orisec is a CSL Connected partner, which allows us to offer full communication with the ARC and access to Orisec’s ControlPlus app.

Advantages of the CSL Connected partnership

We selected Orisec as one of our alarm suppliers because its products are reliable and easy to install and we find its cloud portal and app simple to use while also offering advanced features. If you opt to have an intruder alarm system designed by us, and want additional monitoring, your intruder alarm system will be fitted with an Alarm Transmission System which sends signals to our ARC.

As required by industry standards: EN50136-1:2018/PD 6662:2017 by monitoring these notifications the ARC is ensuring your security systems are functioning properly and protecting your property. We select Orisec control panels fitted with a CM2 module that enables full connectivity to the ARC thanks to CSL, a well-established critical IoT connectivity provider. The module can connect by Wi-fi, GSM and IP, enabling app connectivity and for remote servicing of your intruder alarm system.

We would always advise you to choose dual path connectivity because it means when signals are sent to the ARC if one line of transmission fails you will have a backup. Therefore, in the event of a catastrophic failure, ARC response times will be within minutes rather than hours.

Benefits of ARC monitoring

When the ARC receives a signal that your intruder alarm has been triggered the monitoring team will carefully filter activations to sort which alerts are false alarms and which alarms require a response.

The remote monitoring centre team can provide a response to:

  • notify nominated keyholders
  • notify a linked keyholding service and/or
  • notify the Police in the event of a confirmed alarm signal (BS8243) although you may choose not to have this option.

Advanced features of the Orisec Intruder Alarm System

Orisec intruder alarm systems are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and are only available from professional installers, like Security Group. We offer a wide range of Orisec products to complete the intruder alarm system including a choice of wireless and hybrid (wired/wireless) grade 2 and grade 3 control panels; various types of keypads and a selection of internal and external detectors.

Meanwhile, Orisec’s cloud portal enables remote maintenance. This provides clients with the peace of mind that our engineers can provide support efficiently. Additionally, as maintenance reports are emailed directly to the client inbox, there is a clear record of work carried out.

Additionally, the ControlPlus app provides our clients with complete control of their security system, with a simple to operate interface and easy setup. As reported in a previous blog the app has had a redesign and was recently relaunched as the ControlPlus 2 app. Having the app means you can set and unset your alarm system, which includes full setting or just part-setting the alarm, wherever you are and allows you to receive notifications of when alarms are activated which could be for a break-in, fire or flood.

If you are based in south-west England or south Wales and want a bespoke intruder alarm system we can design and install an advanced Orisec solution offering remote monitoring from our ARC. The CSL-backed connectivity means you will have the peace of mind that your property is being properly protected. Get in touch if you want to find out more.